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MICAT Tips and Tricks 2017 – Notification for MICA Admission Test (MICAT) 2017 is expected to be announced soon. Last year, the entrance test was held twice for admission into its prestigious Postgraduate Diploma in Management – Communications. The preparation has already started for admission into the prestigious institute for making a career in advertising and marketing. The alumni of this Institution hold top positions in various ad, media and marketing firms and the average salary is of Rs. 09 – 10 Lakh. The entrance test will challenge the candidate’s knowledge on Aptitude, Creative writing and a special psychometric analysis. Read this article for MICAT Tips and learn how to prepare for the test wisely, increase your preparation level and score more.



MICAT Tips and Tricks

To be eligible for MICAT 2017, the candidates must have a valid CAT 2016/XAT 2017/GMAT (2013 onwards) score. However, the candidates must note that the CAT/XAT/GMAT scores are only for qualification and will not give weightage in the selection process. The selection will be based on the MICAT score obtained by the candidate. The questions in the test will be divided into three parts, which are, Aptitude test, Psychometric test and Creative writing test.

Tips for MICAT Section 1 (Creative Writing) – This is one unpredictable section of the exam and the possibility of types of question is endless. Here, the candidates are required to attempt questions such as Essay Writing, Story Writing and Argument in favour or against.

Essay Writing – In this part, the candidates will be asked to write an essay on the current topics and trends of the modern life, culture and current affairs. Some sample topics that the candidates can Practice are – The impact of Social networking sites on youth, Disintegration of larger states into smaller states, Trials & Prejudices by Media, Tax Deduction for women for increased sociological needs. Here, we can see that the topics are highly based on current and social awareness. Topics will not be abstract but something that is happening around and seeks serious attention. The candidate’s potential in communication ideas is challenged here. The candidates are advised to maintain a flow in their language and use real life logic to structure the essay. If possible, use real life examples whenever necessary.

Story Writing – This is an interesting section, here the candidates will be given a set of pictures (7 – 10) and will be asked to frame a story using the pictures with a connection and flow. The candidates are required to use their creativity and portray a story with all the elements of the pictures. The candidates with the most interesting and vivid story will be having more chances of scoring well. The importance will be given on the logical story that connects all the pictures with a different approach.

Argument in favour or against – Here, a topic will be provided and the candidates will be required to give their views against it or in favour of it. Most of the times, the candidates will be asked to put down at least 5 points each in favour and against. The candidate’s versatility in thinking will be judged here, therefore, the points must be strong and straight to the point. As we know MICA is a media and communication institute, they prefer a candidate with at least two stands for a subject or topic.

Tips for MICAT Section 2 (Psychometric Test) – One of the best parts of this section is that there is no negative marking. Since this test will access the candidate’s psychology and personality, therefore, no answer can be deemed as correct or incorrect for this section. This section will check the candidate’s view on different aspects of life, their responses and reaction, ideals, morals, ethics and their take on the events that occurred recently. To check the consistency of the candidate’s, a question will be asked in 2 – 3 different manners. This section can be divided into 3 types –

  • A set of 25 – 30 statements will be provided from which the candidates are required to select 5 – 10 statements to describe their personality in the best possible manner.
  • A set of two arguments will be provided and the candidates will be asked to rate them according to their personality.
  • A circumstance will be given along with options; here the candidates are required to rank the options according to their preference.

Thus, we can see that there are no definite answers to the questions asked for this section. The only tips that the candidates can follow to tackle this section are –

  1. Be honest with the answers, select the answer that seems more appropriate and suits the situation given. Maintain this pattern throughout the section. Do make sure that the there shouldn’t be a difference in the answer given and the action the candidates will take in a real life situation.
  2. Sometimes, be the extremist and give the extremist answer even if the answer is totally contrasting your personality. Don’t be mild while answering and always avoid giving diplomatic answers.

MICAT Tips for Section 3 (Aptitude Test) – Now this section is considered to be the easiest section since the candidates can prepare decently. The difficulty level of this section is moderate. The marking pattern of this section is regularly changed. There are four major areas of this section, where the candidates are required to focus on, which are, Arithmetic related topics such as Time and Speed, Time and Work, Average, Allegations and Mixtures, and Profit and Loss. The candidates can also look into other topics such as – Venn Diagrams, Numbers, Functions, Probability, Mensuration and equations.

Some important notes that the candidates must keep in mind while preparing for this particular section are –

  • The section on Verbal Ability will contain questions on Basic Vocabulary; fill in the blanks, Para jumbles and Para completion.
  • The reasoning section will include topics such as Visual Reasoning, Seating Arrangements, Family Tree, etc.
  • General Awareness section will focus on contemporary social and industry, queries related to media, marketing, advertisement and business.
  • The candidates must have a proper knowledge of various brands, taglines, celebrity endorsers, films, related awards, mergers and acquisitions.

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