BLAT Sample Papers 2017


BLAT Sample Papers 2017BLAT Sample Papers 2017 – The candidates preparing for BLAT 2017 are also advised to practice the old question papers and Sample Papers of BLAT 2017. The old question papers and sample papers for BHU Law Admission Test are available in online as well as in offline mode. The BLAT practice papers are prepared according to the latest syllabus and test pattern. Thus, these BLAT 2017 sample papers will help the candidate to be familiar with the exam pattern and syllabus. However, the candidates are advised to complete the syllabus for the test before they start practicing these sample papers. This article provides the importance of solving the BLAT Sample papers and old question papers. Also, the candidates can download the previous year question papers from the article below.


BLAT Sample Papers 2017

Most experts on BLAT or BLAT toppers would advise the candidates to solve these BLAT practice papers regularly. Since these papers are being prepared by various experts and are according to the latest syllabus and exam pattern. It is important for the candidates to practice what they have learned for BLAT 2017.
As mentioned above, the sample papers are available in online as well as offline mode. To access these papers in online mode, the candidates can click on the links provided below. Also, they can visit the websites of various coaching institutes and other organizations. To obtain the practice papers offline, the candidates can visit the various outlets and offices of the coaching institutes for law entrance tests.

Candidates can download the old question papers of BLAT from the links below –

  • BLAT 2014 Question Paper (Set 1)
  • BLAT 2014 Question Paper (Set 2)
  • BLAT 2015 Question Paper
  • BLAT 2016 Question Paper

What are the benefits of solving BLAT Sample Papers

These BLAT sample papers and practice papers are based on the latest exam trend. Thus, practicing these papers will definitely give an edge to the candidate. Few benefits that the candidates will have while solving these sample papers are –

  • Solving these papers will have the candidates to become familiar with exam syllabus and paper pattern.
  • Regular practice will help the candidates to become familiar with the types of questions and distribution of the difficulty level among the topics.
  • Also, the candidates will be able to complete the paper within the given time period.
  • On completing a sample paper, the candidates are advised to analyse their answers. Self-analysis will help the candidates to become familiar with their strengths and weaknesses in each topic.
  • Regular practice will definitely develop the candidate’s overall performance of the candidate.

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