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College is one of the most important phase in one's life. It shapes a student into a mature person who can then take on the real world challenges. School student should make the most of the college life and equip himself/herself to do well in future. Life after college is all about applying the leanings of student life in the real world problems. There are various options available for students to pursue after graduation. Students generally take one of the following three routes -   1. Join work either in a company or work in family business 2. Go for higher studies... Read more

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College life really makes the biggest difference in shaping the future of a person. A good college would always score better in terms of academics, extra-curricular’s, facilities, peer student quality, placements, policies and other aspects. The peer learni ng in good colleges is one of the greatest assets.   However, students who are not lucky enough to get admission into such premier colleges, should not loose heart.   Many times due to sheer luck, one gets selected and other is not. Such students instead of feeling demotivated, should remain focused and... Read more

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Manipal Institute of Technology LOCATION Manipal is a small student city located in the Udupi district of Karnataka. With a population of over 17000 students as compared to 3000 localities, Manipal is truly a International student town, as it proudly claims to be. Manipal is located just ten minutes away from the main city of Udupi, and has Access to railways by the Udupi railway station, There are daily trains to Mumbai and Delhi By flight, one has to reach Mangalore from Mumbai, and then journey 1.5 hours by road to reach Manipal. Another way to reach Manipal is to fly... Read more

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BIT is located in the Mesra village 14 kms from the main Ranchi town and 6 kms westward from the main highway. As the legend goes MESRA stands for Military Engineering Services Reserved Area (why I am calling it a legend is because no one has been able to confirm this with docs, but the seniors keep passing it batch after batch), so one can be rest assured that there is hardly any urbanization anywhere close to the campus. BIT has many things to offer to many students but almost all would agree that the one thing which BIT offers to all is the right setting for an academic place. Spread... Read more

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Soheib Class of 2009 Indian Institute of Management | Kozhikode | Kerala | India - 673570 “Placements?! It’s just a two day affair in my college bhaiya, a total of nearly 500 undergraduates from all the discipline get recruited in 5 to 6 IT companies”, my brother who is studying Computer Science Engineering from a leading engineering institute announced emphatically. “Hmm...”,I took my time to let the statistics sink in; 5 to 6 IT companies taking 500 students, easy mathematics revealed some 100 hundred odd in each company. “What about the core... Read more