Is 99+ percentile in CAT 2016 not enough for IIM calls?


Is 99+ percentile in CAT 2016 not enough for IIM calls?The candidates interested in pursuing MBA in India though aspire and dream of grabbing a seat in one of the IIMs but considering their gruelling IIM selection process and behest of having a superlative academic record leads them to not only appear for CAT but almost every other MBA entrance exam held in India. CAT is unquestionably taken by lakhs of candidates every year and after it, XAT, SNAP, MAT, IIFT, NMAT and more follow. The only reason behind taking all these exams is that every MBA aspirant knows that not everybody can make it to an IIM, so they have to keep their other options open, which is practically correct and fair enough.


In India, 20 IIMs are operational and MHRD has now even asked them to increase their intake capacity. But, will increasing the number of seats in IIMs actually help the candidates secure admission in them. CAT 2016 result was announced on January 9, 2016. This year, 20 male engineers grabbed the top positions and they were all 100 percentilers. Considering CAT to be the toughest nut to crack, obtaining 100 or 99+ percentile is another hard row to hoe.

But then, every student before tagging himself/herself as an “IIM aspirant” trains the mind and inner conscious about either obtaining a 99+ percentile in CAT or be ready to drop a year or let go of the tag and take admission in other B-school. Now, the question is, “Getting 99+ percentile in CAT enough for getting a call from your dream IIM, the older ones of course?”. To answer this question ruthlessly, the bitter fact is that the candidates, especially belonging to unreserved category and having 99+ percentile in CAT are not getting that much awaited call.

Is 99+ percentile in CAT 2016 not enough for IIM calls?

The admission criteria of the IIMs have been announced. Keeping the baby IIMs aside, getting a call from other IIMs and then converting that call is now scaring the candidates day and night. For shortlisting the candidates, IIMs just not takes into consideration the CAT percentile but other attributes too, like past academic record and work experience etc.

Candidates having 98, 98+, 99+ percentile in CAT but not an attractive past academic record, which means 92, 96, 97, 99+ percentage in class 10 & 12 and 78, 80, 85, 88+ percentage in Bachelor’s again loses the chance of being shortlisted. Because, old sins cast long shadows you see.

Another point which must be taken note of is that having an overall percentile of 99+ won’t make you eligible to get that call. Along with it, you need to have a balanced and high percentile in all the three sections of CAT. Having 98 in QA, 99 in VARC but 70 in DILR would again mean losing that call.

In this last whole week, the social media platforms have become the debating and frustration shunning grounds for such candidates, who invested their months in CAT preparation and managed to crack it with that high percentile. A lot of IIMs have already announced the PI shortlist and the candidates having 99+ percentile and fairly good academic record have not even got the call, converting it is a far given thought.

All these scenarios lead to the conclusion that 99+ in CAT doesn’t guarantees a call from an IIM. So, is this the time to drop a year and prepare for CAT 2017 or settle for a non-IIM? Also, another thing to be given thought about is do you have those percentages in class 10, 12 & graduation? If not, then is it worthy to drop an year and prepare for CAT to face the same situation again next year. Taking decisions in life is never easy and when it relates to career, it becomes all the more difficult. Sit back, take a notebook, jot down all your scenarios, calculate the possibilities, question your conscious, think about your aptitude & skills and take a wise decision for yourself.

Not getting a call from IIMs or other top B-schools accepting CAT score even after getting such good percentile shouldn’t bother you much. You had it in you that’s why you made it till this far.

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