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When you think of aviation-related careers, you think of pilots, air-hostesses & cabin crew etc. But there are a huge number of other jobs that are necessarily required to be undertaken in order to keep the air travel safe. An MBA in Aviation Management provides a broad range of skills, both technical and managerial, that prepare individuals for long-term careers in airline and airport management. Aviation industry has grown leaps and bounds in the recent years. Aviation industry is the most rewarding as well as glamorous industry which attracts many youngsters every year.

MBA in Aviation Business Management is an innovative and tailor-made programme with great potential for employment in airport, airlines (India and overseas) and regulatory bodies. MBA in Aviation Management provides individuals with the education necessary to oversee the departments of airlines and airports. A master’s degree program in aviation management is designed to provide students with advanced skills needed to work in management and executive positions within the aviation industry. Most degree programs in aviation management offered at the MBA level combine a broad overview of business theories with an in-depth study of the airline and aerospace industries. MBA in Aviation Management combines business concepts with practical knowledge of aviation and human resources in the field.

MBA in Aviation Management – Course Details

The programme covers fundamentals of General Management, specialisation in Aviation Business and additional specialisation in International Business / Finance / Marketing. The students will do project work in supporting organisations and emphasise will be on the application of modern management concepts, methods and tools on the challenges of aviation and general business. Typically, the course covers topics like,

  • Airport planning and development

  • Aviation management

  • Aviation operations management

  • Airline route planning

  • Airline marketing management

  • Supply chain management

  • Aviation laws & Insurance

  • Ground handling

  • Cargo handling

  • Aviation safety

  • Fleet management

  • Regulatory management

  • Fueling management

  • Airport Economics

  • Aviation Financial Management

  • Aviation Marketing Management

Career Prospects/Job Profiles after pursuing MBA in Aviation Management

Career opportunities in aviation industry are extensive and promising. India has a population of 99.5% still having no access to aviation. Aviation industry, dynamic and ever evolving market is likely to create a plethora of opportunities to job aspirants such as –

  • Aviation planner

  • Dispatcher

  • Financial analyst for airlines

  • Airline ground staff

  • Senior staff analyst for airlines

  • Cargo agent

  • Operations analyst for airlines

  • Aviation human resources manager

  • Cabin crew or flight attendant

  • Purchasing manager for airlines

  • Airport Manager

  • Human Resources Manager

  • Airport Operations Manager

  • Air Traffic Controllers

  • Aviation Programme Manager

  • Aviation Safety Analyst

Employment opportunities for aviation managers are in airports, airlines and airfreight service providers. Apart from this, you can fit into jobs in fields like tourism, hospitality, transportation and retail. If you want to grow consistently in the aviation industry, you will have to understand the functioning of various departments of the industry and pick up cross-functional skills. To succeed in this field you will need to have strong technical skills, communication skills and interpersonal skills. Job in this industry is demanding. So you should be able to perform well under pressure.

List of Colleges offering MBA in Aviation Management

  • University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun

  • Hindustan University, Tamil Nadu

  • Avalon Academy, Hyderabad

  • Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore)

  • Indian Institute of Management (Kolkata)

  • Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi University (FMS)(New Delhi)

  • Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (Mumbai)

  • A.J. Aviation Academy

  • Institute of Logistics and Aviation Management

  • Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy

  • Aptech Aviation and Hospitality Academy (AAHA)

  • FORE School of Management ,New Delhi

  • Frankfinn academy


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