Till recently, e-business had been narrowly viewed by most organizations as establishing a website to offer more information about the company and its products. However, e-business has a much broader scope. E-Business stands for Electronic Business. E-Business is essentially the business carried out through electronic means. It utilizes internet technologies to increase the productivity or profitability of a business, mostly through sales and services which are offered to clients over web-interfaces. E-Business includes business processes across the whole value chain such as handling customer service, electronic purchasing, processing orders electronically, supply chain management and cooperating with business partners. E-Business is a rapidly growing and in demand field. MBA in E-Business has gained immense popularity with growing interest in Internet and the boom of online business. Because of the necessity of e-Business, those with an MBA in E-Business will be in high demand.

Is MBA in E-Business an option for you?

MBA in E-Business is an ideal choice for candidates who wish to join in the success of the Internet by starting up their own business. Whether you want to develop your own online store, help existing businesses streamline and maximize online sales, or even reinvent how business is done online, an MBA in E-Business can help you get started. E-Business is an influential tool for business renovation which allows companies to improve their reach to the new markets, supply-chain operation, develop services for customers as well as for suppliers and employees.

MBA in E-Business prepares students to thrive within an e-business context and responds to the increasing importance of incorporating technology into the core of every business. Students can expect to learn how to translate all of these business skills into the online environment as well, in addition to taking courses on Web design, database management, information security, IT, and even supply chain management. Candidates with MBA in E-Commerce/E-Business are equipped in capacity planning, forecasting, inventory management and shipping of products to customers.

Course Details – MBA in E-Business

The courses included in the Master of E-Business degree program may vary from one B-School to other. However, the core course content of these programs is focused on the following –

Accounting for E-Commerce
E-commerce law
Consumer Behaviour
Enterprise Resource Planning
E-business strategies
E-Commerce Systems Security and Firewall
E-Business Security
Aspects of Web Development & Programming
Customer Care
Further e-programming and e-commerce applications
After Sales Service
Internet and Java Programming
Global Marketing

Career Opportunities after pursuing MBA in E-Business

E-Business is growing nowadays in India. The arrival of new technologies such as cell phones with internet facility, 3G and PDAs are now giving momentum to the industry.  In the growing online market, you are certain to find work with major online companies such as Google or Facebook with a master’s level degree.  Some of the major employers in this field are Infosys, Yahoo, E-bay, Amazon, Dell Computers, Verizon etc. You can also choose to set up shop yourself and start your very own e-business with the training you will get from this degree. Some of the job profiles are as follow –

E-Business Consultant
Database Administrator
Supply Chain Manager
Business Analyst
Project Manager
Customer Relation Manager
Web Developer
Team Leader
Management information systems director
Chief technology officer
Computer systems manager

Few of the sectors wherein candidates after completing their MBA in E-Business can look for jobs are as follow –

  • Online Auction Services
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Web-Hosting Companies
  • Online Shopping Websites
  • E-Business Solutions Companies
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Domain Providers
  • Software Solution Firms
  • Website Building Companies
  • Electronic Banking

Colleges/Management Institutions offering MBA in E-Business

Below is the list of few of the colleges, where candidates can seek admission into MBA in E-Business –


1. Indian Institutes of Management
2. National Institutes of Technology
3. Indian Institutes of Technology
4. Institute of Advance Network Technology
5. International Institute of e-Business Management
6. Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University
7. Symbiosis Institute of Management
8. Adani Institute of Infrastructure Management (AIIM), Ahmedabad
9. Attitude Management Academy
10. Birla Institute of Technology


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