How to Prepare for XAT 2017


How to Prepare for XAT 2017 – XLRI has conducted the XAT 2017 exam on January 08, 2017. The Xavier Aptitude Test is considered to be one of the toughest management entrance tests of the nation. Now the big question is “How to Prepare for XAT 2017?” To begin with the preparation, the candidates are advised to check the exam pattern and syllabus and then prepare a strategy accordingly. Check this article for tips and basics to know how to prepare for XAT 2017.xat-preparation1 

How to Prepare for XAT 2017

Some basic tips for the XAT aspirants on the preparation of XAT 2017 are given below. Check them to boost up the preparation as the exam date is approaching fast.

  • Get familiarize with the Exam Pattern and Syllabus.
  • Prepare a timetable to study.
  • Select the right chapters for the exam.
  • Practice, Revise and Repeat.
  • Make sure that a stress-free atmosphere is available too.

Get familiarize with the Exam Pattern and Syllabus

This is the most important part for the candidates before they start with the preparation. The candidates must prepare for the exam pattern and syllabus of XAT so that they don’t waste time preparing the wrong topics. The syllabus will furnish all the required topics and sub-topics for the test. The exam pattern will throw light on the distribution of the questions and marks. So, start your preparation by getting familiar with the XAT Exam Pattern and Syllabus.

Prepare a timetable to study

A timetable is the most important part of a preparation. The timetable will be the schedule that will define the candidate’s study time (topic-wise), practice time, revision time and free time. Also, the candidates are advised not to compromise their diet and sleep schedule. A healthy life is important to make the preparation steady and strong. A daily routine and fixed timing for studying will help the candidates to complete their preparation before time.

Select the right chapters for the exam

The remaining for XAT 2017 is less, therefore, the candidates must select wisely and correct chapters for preparation. The topics and sub-topics where the candidates are having a hard time should be given more time and concentration. Choosing the right chapters for the exam will avoid wastage of time by preparing for the unnecessary topics.

Practice, Revise and Repeat

Once the candidates are done with the preparation and have completed the syllabus, then they can start practicing them. To practice, the candidates can try solving sample papers and previous year’s question papers, writing mock tests and discussing with friends or making a study circle. After completion of the syllabus, the candidates must start with the revision. A revision is essential and will help the candidates to cover up the topics that they have missed for the first time.

Make sure that a stress-free atmosphere is available too

When the candidates are preparing for any test, then it is completely normal to stress out and get nervous. Frustrations, nervousness, and stress are the enemies for any preparation. Therefore, the candidates are advised to maintain a stress- free atmosphere. To maintain a stress-free environment the candidates can get themselves engaged in books, music, documentaries, etc. that makes them happy or relaxed. Such type of environment will help the candidates to calm down when they are frustrated/stressed or tensed.

Section-wise Preparation Strategy

To start with the preparation strategy, the candidates must understand the different topics and sub-topics of the test. In XAT, the sections can be described as concept driven, rigorous practice and awareness regarding the changes in the environment. The Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation and some parts of Verbal & Logical Ability are concept driven while for the General Awareness the candidates must be aware of the changes in the political, economic, etc. environment. For the Decision Making & Analytical Reasoning, the preparation is purely based on practice.

XAT is considered to be one of the toughest management entrance tests of the nation. This exam features a special section known as the Decision making. Here, the candidate’s management skills will be tested by presenting different situations and the candidates are required to find the perfect solution to solve the problem.


The question paper will contain 78 questions divided into 5 sections, which are –

  • English Language/ Verbal & Logical Reasoning
  • Decision Making/ and Analytical Reasoning
  • Quantitative Ability/and Data Interpretation
  • Essay Writing
  • General Awareness

 These sections are further divided into 2 parts i.e. Part A and Part B.

 English Language/ Verbal & Logical Reasoning

From the very beginning, the logical reasoning and verbal section have dominated the exam. The reasoning skills of the candidates are tested rigorously while vocabulary-based questions are rarely asked. The candidates must be a quick reader and have excellent comprehensive skills. Most of the passages will be conclusive and will be of an advanced level. Therefore, the candidates must be careful while solving these passages. Practicing sample papers, previous year’s question papers and write mock test will help the candidates to improve in this section. Also, the candidates are advised to analyze the mock tests and papers to know their strength and weaknesses.

Decision Making/ and Analytical Reasoning

The Decision Making section is the unique section of the XAT. This section will contain questions and problems on various business and everyday situations. These situations will create dilemmas for the groups involved. And in the solution, the best possible analysis will be provided which the candidates have to select. Here, the different types of questions that the candidates may face are – ethical dilemmas, issues involving sales and other financial conditions, revenue of a company, scenarios of various management issues and of general management.

While selecting the answers or the solutions, the candidates must make sure that their answers are unbiased and do not favour one party. Also, the answers must be balanced and ethical according to all the groups involved. The candidates must not lose their objective in the entire process.

Quantitative Ability/and Data Interpretation

As mentioned above, this section will require rigorous practice and patience. Most of the questions in this section will be on Geometry, Number system, Functions, Probability and Data Interpretation. To ace this section, the candidates must clear their concepts on the above-mentioned topics. While solving the questions from this section, the candidates must maintain their accuracy and keep a check on the time.

Essay Writing

The XAT essay topics always had a strong concept and a philosophical hint is implied within. Here, the candidate’s thoughts, logical ability, knowledge as well as the language skills will be checked. To prepare for this section, the candidates can read the editorials of various newspapers, journals, magazines, and write sample essays in a different genre.

General Awareness

In the year 2013, the General Awareness section was introduced for the first time in XAT. Here, the prominent topics are on economics and business related. Last 1 year changes in the economy, business, political, social, etc. events are essential and given priority. Also, there is a high chance of questions on awards, books, authors, geography, and history may come.

For any queries related to XAT 2017 preparation, candidates can comment on the section below. The test is scheduled to be held on January 08, 2017. All the best and Godspeed for the test.

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