IIM Visakhapatnam Admission Criteria 2016


IIM Visakhapatnam Admission Criteria 2016 – The shortlist for Personal Interview (PI) and Written Aptitude Test (WAT) for IIM Visakhapatnam has been released and is available online on the official website. The candidates are selected via their CAT 2015 score, past academic records such as Class X, XII, UG program and work experience (if any). These selected candidates are required to appear for the PI & WAT, which will be held by the Institute. Only the candidates scoring the required cutoff in each round will be eligible for the final selection. Read the article for more details on IIM Visakhapatnam Admission Criteria 2016.

IIM Visakhapatnam Admission Criteria 2016

The process of selection of candidates is two phases. Description of both the phases is described here.

Phase 1

The first phase will be applicable to all the candidates who have applied for admission in IIM Vizag and obtained a valid score in CAT 2015. The first shortlist is prepared after screening candidates through sectional and aggregate cutoff in CAT 2015. The following table represents the sectional and aggregate cutoff applied for session 2016-18. The candidates who cross the cutoff parameter will get a confirmation email from IIM Vizag to participate further in the admission process.

Required Percentage for First Shortlist
CategorySEC 1 (QA)SEC 2 (DILR)SEC 3 (VRC)Aggregate
General Merit80808590

Candidates can also check the Cutoff for 2015-17 from the table below.

CategorySection 1 (QDI)Section 2 (VLR)Aggregate

Phase 2

According to IIM Visakhapatnam Selection Criteria 2016, all the qualified candidates from 1st phase will be evaluated on the basis of their performance in class X and XII. Their percentage score in class X and XII will be initially adjusted by dividing each such score by the 90th percentile score obtained in that board. Database of class X and XII scores of all the CAT candidates of past 2 years will be identified and used for this purpose. For all the qualified candidates, their final scores are used for the bachelors’ degree and professional degree (if any). Incomplete intermediate score will be considered only in the condition where candidate’s final score is yet to be released.

Hence, for final year candidates, their incomplete graduation score will be taken in place of final graduation score. IIM Visakhapatnam Admission Criteria describes that candidates with Chartered Accountancy, Cost Accounting, and Company Secretary certifications are eligible for weight under professional course.  Score of the professional work experience will be calculated as per the following formula – Score for Work Experience = 10x/36(if0<x<36) =10(ifx>=36). X refers to the months of work experience as mentioned in the CAT application form. Score will peak at 36 months and remain static thereafter.

Maximum of the work experience score and professional course score is considered for selection under a common weight of 10 for work experience/professional course. Weight of other four components is as follows: CAT = 20, class X = 15, class XII = 10, Bachelors degree = 15. Weighted aggregate of the five components i.e. work experience/professional course, CAT, class X, class XII, and UG degree score is used to prepare a rank list for admission/waiting lists. Normalization process in IIM Visakhapatnam Admission Criteria 2016 in any component will be carried out according to a formula given here.

Standardized score {truncated between 0 and weight (wt)} is calculated as – Max [0, min {wt, wt/2+ ((val-mean)/ sd)*wt/6}]. Final admission will be made strictly on the basis of rank in each category on the final aggregate score calculated from aforesaid components. It is to be noted that candidates with consistent academic performance are preferred over the candidates who have obtained a high score in only CAT 2015 for admission in the institute. IIM Vizag emphasizes on offering admission to the candidates who have commendable track record in academics.

IIM Admission Criteria 2016 - Complete Details


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