Mantra to Score 99+ Percentile in XAT 2017


Mantra to score 99+ percentile in XATMantra to Score 99+ Percentile in XAT 2017 – XLRI conducted XAT 2017 on January 8, 2017. The candidates interested in writing the exam this year must apply for the same till November 30 without the payment of late fee and December 11, 2016 with the payment of late fee. For the ease of the applicants, a link to register for the test has been given below. Few useful tips to prepare for the test and to get a high score have been revealed here. Though there is no mantra or shortcut to success but by following an effective preparation strategy, the students can crack the exam with good percentile. Read the mantra to score 99+ percentile in XAT 2017 here. On the basis of XAT score, the candidates can get admission to XLRI, XAT Associate Institutes and 141 B-Schools.


Mantra to Score 99+ Percentile in XAT 2017

As this exam is considered as one of the toughest exams hence it is important to know the way to crack this exam. For this, the candidate must have to follow the guidance and tips of the experts. Some of the mantras to prepare for the test and to score well have been mentioned here. 

#Mantra 1 – Clear your basics

Never ever ignore the basics. Remember you need to know how to find square root before you proceed with integer algebra. Develop and build up your concepts first. This will prepare the base in your brain. Now, you can proceed to the next level of solving the problems. The root cause of wrong answers is the misunderstanding of the concepts.

#Mantra 2 – Prioritize

Make it a habit to utilize the fact that some section is your strength. Find out which section you are most comfortable with. Do the questions from that section first and then solve questions from the other sections. The time allocation and prioritization in the final exam will be crucial.

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#Mantra 3 – Be Devoted

Make a study plan and stick to that plan in any circumstance. At least give 9 to 10 hours for studying beside the coaching hours. It is mandatory to prepare all the sections completely and deeply. As every section contains good weightage of marks hence every section must be prepared well.

#Mantra 4 – Love Writing

The essay writing section is the only descriptive section of XAT 2017. It is mandatory to attempt this section well as this will help in scoring a good percentile in the exam. This section can be prepared by writing minimum 3 to 4 essays on different and latest topics in a day. The candidate must read the English newspapers, blogs and articles daily and try to improve their vocabulary at the best level. The essay completely depends on the vocabulary and knowledge, hence prepare accordingly.

#Mantra 5 – Reason beats all

Make the reasoning part strong. Once the base in this section will be formed then this will become the easiest and scoring section for the candidates who wish to score 99+ percentile. For this, the candidate must practice at least 4 to 5 exercise daily.

#Mantra 6 – GK..GK..GK..!!!

The candidates must keep themselves updated with the current news so as to attempt the GK section of the XAT exam easily. The candidates must know the names and tagline of the global companies and also about their recent representatives. Must read the books and remember the name and author of the same.

#Mantra 7 – Love thy numbers

As there is a limited time in the examination, hence fast calculation is obligatory. The candidates are advised to be the best in the calculation so that every question takes very minute time.

#Mantra 8 – Calm and Confidence

Don’t panic in the examination hall. Confidence is the biggest success mantra to score 99+ percentile in XAT 2017. Attempt the exam calmly.

#Mantra 9 – Move on

Last but not the least is not to get stuck on a single question. If the question is scratching the mind too much, then leave the question for once and proceed further. 

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