Mantra to score high in MAT 2016


matMantra to score high in MAT 2016 – A week is left now and AIMA is all set to conduct MAT 2016 for May session. On 1 May 2016, the test will be held in paper pencil mode and then on 7 May 2016, it will be the computer based test. So, done with the preparations? Ready to score high in MAT? Do you think you can score well in the exam? Is there anything left that you need to do before you go for your exam? Well, questions like these do pop up in the mind and it’s quite normal to self-doubt or question yourself. The fear of appearing for the exam does leads to such kind of self-questioning.


MAT May 2016 is the key which will unlock the lock of hundreds to B-Schools. The list of management institutes that will access the score of MAT May is available at the website of AIMA. Every MAT aspirant must be keen to grab some kind of mantra which will help him/her score high in the test. The more you will score in the test, the more gates for admission in good B schools will open for you. But trust us, there is no such mantra or magic wand is available which can actually help you crack MAT May 2016 with a good score. All that would matter is your preparation, presence of mind and a bit of smart work. Only these things will let you row your boat till the destination. With this article, we list out some tips and pointers which you must keep in mind. These may help you perform well in the test and also obtain a high score in MAT 2016.

Mantra to score high in MAT 2016

1. Practice mock tests and analyse well

Devote more time to practice various mock tests. Try to solve the test having high difficulty level. But just attempting the MAT Mocks will not be enough, you must analyse them to know where you went wrong, what mistakes you committed knowingly or unknowingly during your practice tests. Make sure that you won’t repeat such mistakes again. This is one of the mantra to score high in MAT 2016.

2. Jot down short notes and pointer

For last minute revision, these notes prove quite handy and useful. Now, give up learning from books or mugging up theories. Take short notes and revise from it. You must focus on revising formulae, tricks and shortcuts. Shortcuts are really important as they save your time.

3. Attempt the exam knowing your strong and weak areas

We are sure by now; you must be knowing your strong and weak areas. Practising the mocks does helps you recognize these. So, while attempting the test, you will be able to understand and make a choice as in what to avoid and what to attempt in MAT May 2016. This mantra will help you improve your score. 

4. Keep an eye on the timer

Do not get stuck to particular section or question for a longer time. Remember, you just have 2.5 hour to attempt a total of 200 questions. Try devoting equal time to all the sections initially and then if you are left with enough time, go back to your weakest section and attempt the remaining questions. This mantra to score high in MAT 2016 will help you score above the sectional cut-off. You have to focus on answering correctly while racing along with the timer. There is no sectional time constraint and you can move among all the sections freely. Be cautious as it may waste a lot of time but it can prove advantageous too.

5. Avoid doing the guess work

We have been taught since our school days that do attempt the paper completely and don’t leave any question unanswered. But this basic rule must not be followed here when you are attempting MAT. You must focus on maximizing your attempts but should not mark the answers randomly. As in MAT 2016, if you’ll answer a question wrong, you’ll lose ¼ marks. So, answer the questions wisely.

6. Plan and then begin attempting

 “He who fails to plan, plans to fail”, you must have heard this proverb earlier. So have a plan set before you appear for the test. For instance, you may be more adept in logical reasoning. So, attempting LR section first makes sense. Having an exam strategy is another mantra to score high in MAT 2016 and will also help you stay focused and confident.

As told earlier, no one can provide you with the Mantra to score high in MAT 2016. But yes, you can still score good and grab admission into one of the renowned B-School. Just stay confident about your MAT preparation and focus on attempting the paper well. The actual mantra lies in your presence of mind and hardwork.

We wish you “Good luck” for you MAT May attempt. You can comment below in case of any doubts. Also, you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus for all management updates.