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MAT Percentile Predictor 2016MAT Percentile Predictor 2017 – AIMA will be conducting the Management Aptitude Test 2017 (MAT) for May 2017 in offline mode on May 07 and in online mode on May 13, 2017. The result of MAT is announced in the last week of the month the test is conducted. After taking the test, it is common for the candidates to analyze their performance and estimate their percentile. To know how they performed in the test and also to obtain an estimated score, the candidates can use the MAT Percentile Predictor. It is a tool which will help the candidates estimate their percentile accurately. Read this article to access the MAT Percentile Predictor and also get familiar with its usage.

About the MAT Percentile Predictor 2017

The MAT Percentile Predictor is a product of Careers360 which is designed to predict the most accurate MAT score/percentile. The candidates can access the Percentile Predictor for MAT February 2017 by clicking on the link provided above. The features of the MAT 2017 Percentile Predictor are –

  • Predict: Before the announcement of the MAT February result, the candidates will be able to estimate their result accurately. The result will be based on the details entered in the predictor.
  • Get Insights: This will allow the candidates to know where they stand based on different criteria along with personalized profile analysis.
  • Realize: This feature will allow the candidates to compare them with other exam takers i.e. they will become familiar with the competition.
  • Target: Lastly, it will help the candidates to target the right colleges according to their result.

How to use the MAT Percentile Predictor 2017?

To start with the Percentile Predictor for MAT 2017, the candidates can follow the steps given below –

  • Enter Date of Birth.
  • Enter Date of Exam.
  • Now select the percentage of attempted questions and percentage of questions attempted correctly for each section.
  • Select the overall difficulty level.
  • Click on Predict Now.

Why use the MAT Percentile Predictor 2017?

Once the candidates have filled in the required details and submitted them, then the following Result analysis for MAT will be furnished –

  • Overall Percentile.
  • Sectional Percentile.
  • Difficulty level analysis.
  • List of colleges according to the candidate’s estimated performance and percentile.
  • A graph representing the percentage of questions attempted against the percentage of questions attempted correctly.
  • A graph representing the candidates position based on their 10th and 12th percentage.
  • A graph representing the gender distribution.
  • A graph representing the students using the result predictor on the basis of their work experience in months.

Also, the candidates can use the MAT Percentile predictor again by clicking on the Use Again button or they can update their scores by clicking on the Update button.

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