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MAT Sample Papers 2017MAT Sample Papers and Practice Papers – To prepare for any test, first, the aspirants must complete the syllabus and then practice what they have learned. The same goes for the MAT aspirants. AIMA will be conducting MAT September 2017 in offline mode on September 03 and in online mode on September 9, 2017. MAT sample papers and model test papers are one of the best materials available for the candidates to practice. While solving the MAT practice papers, the candidates will get to know about their strengths and weaknesses. For the convenience of the candidates, links to download the sample papers of MAT have been provided here in this article. For optimum result, the candidates can practice at least 2 sample papers daily. Read this article for the benefits of MAT 2017 sample papers and also to download the same.
MAT Application Form 2017 (September) 
MAT 2016 Cutoff
MAT 2017 Cutoff


Benefits of Solving MAT Sample Papers

  • First, these papers are developed on the exam pattern hence a candidate can familiarize himself with several features of the question paper – number and type of the questions, subject weightage, sectional difficulty level, and exam relevant topics
  • Another advantage is solving sample papers boosts confidence and makes a candidate more efficient when it comes to attempt more questions in lesser time
  • Candidate can come to know how well prepared he is and if needs to follow up preparation intensely in some subjects. Thus we can observe that it is a type of performance check as well
  • Solving MAT 2017 Sample Papers also impart sense of time management. A candidate can judicially distribute his time among the sections and respective questions thereby improving overall attempt in the examination

Some questions in the MAT 2017 Sample Papers might occur in the actual examination, thus acting as bonus questions. Even if there is a change, it can be in the digits and not the concept of the question.

Links to download MAT Sample Papers and Practice Papers

The candidates can download the practice papers of MAT by accessing the links given here below. These papers will open in .pdf format and are easy to download.

Online v/s Offline Sample Papers of MAT

  • Online papers are backed with a countdown timer unlike offline papers
  • Offline papers need to be checked and assessed manually unlike online papers
  • Candidate can track his performance in the form of a graph in online papers
  • Online papers package can be bought from website of education portals or coaching centers
  • Offline papers can be bought in the form of booklets from bookshops
  • Online papers improve accuracy with speed whereas offline papers focus on accuracy alone
  • Exam environment is simulated in online exam but not in offline mode. 

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  1. Hi,

    I have not at all prepared for MAT or any other national exam.After reviewing the MAT previous papers I can only do English but I could hardly get 1-2 questions correct in other sections.

    Is that enough?