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Master of Business Administration or MBA as it is popularly known amongst the masses, so the question here is, MBA should be pursued because lakhs of people are pursuing it & it has been a hot topic or is there a real value in pursuing such a study programme? MBA is an expensive programme to take up and may be one of the most chosen one because of the hundreds of the stories related to it regarding high salary & perquisites enjoyed by these management professionals… Out of the many branches of MBA, people have been seen to opt for MBA in Banking and Finance recently.. So, basically the question is what lead such people to choose MBA in Banking and Finance? Is MBA in Banking and Finance an option for you too? Will opting for MBA in this discipline benefit you??

Through this article we will try to find answers to all these questions and also list advantages/features of pursuing MBA in Banking & Finance.

What exactly is MBA in Banking and Finance is?

Banking industry plays a crucial role in the development of an economy. The soundness of an economy depends on the health of its banking sector. Banking industry contributes nearly 10% to the GDP of our country. Youngsters in India aspire to work in Banking Industry and quite a high percentage is observed being indulged into preparing for Bank exams.

An MBA in Finance offers benefits to working professionals in a variety of industries, including commercial and corporate banking, investment services and real estate. Finance is one of the most popular specializations within Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs. MBA in Finance programs typically provide foundational education in statistics, leadership, economics, strategy and marketing.

Topics commonly taught through MBA program include –

  • Stock market analysis

  • Foundations in finance

  • Global economy

  • Financial instruments

  • Futures and options

  • Market trading and volatility

  • Risk management

  • Bankruptcy

  • Corporate finance

  • Investment banking

What does MBA in Banking and Finance cover?

An MBA in Banking and Finance program prepares candidates for careers in:

  • Financial planning

  • Accounting

  • Banking

  • Corporate finance

  • A number of other careers in, and closely related to, the financial sector.

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