MBA in Hospitality Management


The hospitality industry is vast and very diverse. Hospitality management is both a field of work and a field of study. People interested in making their careers in the Hospitality Industry may opt to pursue it as a field of study so that they can start their careers on solid footing. In order to pursue it as study, people can pursue MBA in Hospitality Management. Hospitality management is a social business, too, so one needs to be friendly, outgoing and should have good networking skills. In the work sense, Hospitality Management refers to management of hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, and other institutions in the hospitality industry. As a field of study, it refers to the study of the hospitality industry and its management needs.

Job Opportunities after pursuing MBA in Hospitality Management

The industry has a number of career options to offer and the scope of employment is unbounded. The popular segment for job opportunities are as follows:

  • Travel Agencies

  • Hospital and Institutional Catering

  • Tour Operators

  • Shipping and Cruise lines

  • Airports

  • International and National Food Chains

  • Hotel Management/Food Craft Institutes

  • Hotel and related Hospitality Industry

  • Hotel and other Service Sectors

  • Resorts / Spas

  • State Tourism Development Corporations

  • Indian and International Airlines

  • Facilities Management Service Providers

  • Event Facilitation

  • Self employment through entrepreneurship

Broad course content – MBA in Hospitality Management

Students will be taught the following –

  • Managing Finance

  • Managing Markets

  • Dissertation

  • Managing InformationMBA in Hospitality Management

  • Managing People

  • Managing Operations

  • Managing Strategy

  • A Strategic perspective of Hospitality

  • Contemporary issues in managing service quality within Hospitality

  • Research methods

Any time people go to the movies, travel, stay in a hotel, eat out and engage in similar activities, they are patronizing establishments in the industry. The management of such establishments is very challenging, as managers need to be flexible enough to anticipate and meet a wide variety of needs. The phenomenal growth in the Hospitality Industry will provide many employment opportunities for people with the right qualifications. Therefore pursuing MBA in Hospitality Management can prove advantageous.

List of Colleges from where MBA in Hospitality Management can be pursued:

  • Amity School of Hospitality

  • SP More Foundation

  • Welingkar Institute of Management

  • Academy of Meritime Education and Training

  • Hierank Group of Institutes

  • Delhi Business School

  • FHRAI – Institute of Hospitality Management

  • Kohinoor College of Hotel and Tourism Management Study

  • Tilak Maharashtra University

  • Saraswati Group of Institutes


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