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Today, every business is going to expand itself in International market. Many industries and organization are hiring the Graduates of “International Business” to represent their company and business with sound and practical knowledge. It is the age of competition and everyone is trying to adopt the money-making technique. To recognize yourself in International market is one of the factors that show you are in a race. MBA in International Business is a postgraduate program which equips the students with the sufficient knowledge and training for the all needed basic knowledge of International Business.

The MBA in International Business is considered as an attractive career option by many management students because of the interesting career opportunities it offers.

It offers education and imparts special training to the students in various aspects of international business, like –

  • Foreign Exchange Management – which deals with fluctuation in currency rates, currency conversion and also how to guard against foreign exchange rate fluctuations

  • Export and Import Management – it deals with documentation, rules & procedures involved in exports and imports

  • International Finance – which deals with raising Capital from International Markets

  • International Marketing – here the various methods of approaching customers in foreign countries to obtain orders from them is taught

  • International Logistics – it deals with imparting knowledge of the distribution network for making the goods reach from the country of production to the foreign country

A Master of Business Administration in International Business program typically covers,

  • Finance, marketing and human resource topics on an international level

  • Help students develop cultural skills, business competencies and other skills as they pertain to the global marketplace

Need for MBA in International Business

International business degrees are often required due to increasing globalization and the growing number of businesses currently competing on the international stage. An MBA in IB is 2 years full-time or part-time or through distance education program. It is offered by the various institutions in and out of the country.

The MBA in International Business gives a strong foundation in general management subjects and all the basic areas of international business during the first year. In the second year the students choose their specialization in areas of Marketing, Finance, Supply chain management etc with special emphasis on the International Business perspective.

The MBA in International Business focuses on strategic planning for international operations and provides an in-depth understanding of the organizational capabilities required for international operations, including specialized functions such as international marketing, finance and human resource management. master in international business degrees also include classes that address topics such as imports and exports and inter cultural communication.

A fresh graduate is usually recruited as a management trainee and a salary offered to a graduate in International Business Management from a reputed institute ranges between Rs. 3 lakhs to Rs. 8 lakhs per annum.

The job titles after pursuing MBA in International Business will be –

  • Export managers and executives

  • International business consultant

  • Consultant

  • Management Consultant

  • Investment Banking Manager

  • International Marketing Manager

  • International Finance Manager

  • Material Manager

  • Global Business Manager

  • Export coordinator

  • Account Manager

  • International Business Development Manager

  • Brand Manager

  • Marketing Manager

  • Project Managers

  • Supplier Manager

List of Colleges in India offering MBA in International Business

  1. Indian Institute Of Management-Lucknow

  2. Indian Institute Of Management-Pune

  3. IIM-Ahmadabad

  4. Institute Of Management and Technology

  5. Indian Institute Of Finance-Delhi

  6. Amity School Of Business-New Delhi

  7. Institute of Management Technology-Ghaziabad

  8. Xaviour Labour relations Institute-Jamshedpur

  9. SP Jain institute of management and Research-Mumbai

  10. Indian institute of foreign Trade-New Delhi

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