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MICAT Tips & TricksMICAT Tips & Tricks 2018 – It is important for MBA aspirants who are planning to appear for MICAT 2018 entrance test to start their preparations well in advance. With MICAT tips & tricks available here, candidates can kick-start their preparations on the right note. While preparing for MICAT 2018, it is important for candidates to identify the right topics. This is where MICAT tips & tricks can prove to be very useful. MICAT preparation tips will help the candidates focus on the important topics and will also provide guidance on exam pattern and syllabus. MICAT exam is conducted twice a year. MICAT I is likely to be held in the second week of December 2017 and MICAT II is expected to be conducted in the second week of February 2018. In this article, candidates can find useful tips for MICAT 2018 that will make it easier for them to crack the exam. With the help of MICAT tips and tricks, candidates can prepare for all the sections of MICAT exam.


MICAT 2018 Exam Pattern

Before discussing MICAT preparation tips 2018, it is important to throw some light on the exam pattern of MICAT 2018. MICAT is a computer-based test divided into three parts (six sections) –

  • Part 1 – Psychometric Test
  • Part 2 – Verbal Ability, Quantitative Ability, General Awareness, Divergent-Convergent Reasoning
  • Part 3 – Descriptive Test

Total duration of the test is 165 minutes and the total number of questions asked is 140.

MICAT Tips & Tricks

How to prepare for MICAT is one of the most common questions asked by those who wish to pursue Post Graduate Diploma in Management – Communication (PGDM-C) from MICA. Ahmedabad. Given below are section-wise MICAT preparation tips that will help the candidates start their preparations.

Part 1 – Psychometric Test

MICAT psychometric test is a qualifier. Only the candidates who qualify in this test will be assessed on other sections. This test is designed to assess the behavior and personality of the candidates. As there are no correct or incorrect answers, there are no MICAT preparation tips for this section. Instead of spending time on thinking how their answers will be interpreted, candidates just need to be honest while answering the questions in this section. MICAT preparation tips 2018

In this section, usually three types of questions are asked –

  • A set of 25 – 30 statements will be provided from which the candidates are required to select 5 – 10 statements to describe their personality in the best possible manner.
  • A set of two arguments will be provided and the candidates will be asked to rate them according to their personality.
  • A circumstance will be given along with options; here the candidates are required to rank the options according to their preference.

This section will check the candidate’s view on different aspects of life, their responses and reaction, ideals, morals, ethics and their take on the events that occurred recently. To check the consistency of the candidates, a question will be asked in 2 – 3 different ways.

Part 2.1 – Verbal Ability

In this section, questions are mainly based on vocabulary, fill in the blanks, para jumbles, para completion etc. For VA section, some of the useful tips for MICAT 2018 are as follows –

  • Build your vocabulary by learning new words every day
  • Read novels and other books that interest you
  • You can also refer to books like ‘Word power made easy’
  • Use online tools like flashcards

2.2 – Quantitative Ability

In this section, questions are asked from topics like percentages, probability, averages, ratio & proportion, mean, median, mode etc. To crack this section, candidates need to have strong fundamentals. Here are a few useful MICAT tips and tricks –

  • Gain clarity on basic concepts
  • Practice a lot. It will not just help you acquire speed but will also make it easier for you to identify common mistakes.
  • Memorise all the formulas and theorems, and regularly revise them.

2.3 – General Awareness

In this section, questions are asked from economics, business, history, current affairs etc. The best way to prepare for this section is to stay informed and updated on the latest domestic and international events. Also, candidates must have a proper knowledge of various brands, taglines, celebrity endorsers, films, related awards, mergers and acquisitions. Reading the newspapers and magazines, and keeping notes of the important political, economical & social events are two of the other useful MICAT preparation tips 2018. Candidates can also use news apps in their smartphones to keep a track of the latest happening across the world.

2.4 – Divergent-Convergent Reasoning

In this section, questions are based on topics like data sufficiency, visual reasoning and word association. The objective of this section is to test the problem solving skills of the candidates. Solving MICAT sample papers is an effective way to prepare for this section.

Part 3 – Descriptive Test

This is one of the most interesting sections to attempt. The mains types of questions asked in this section are essay writing, story writing, and argument in favour or against. Given below are some MICAT tips & tricks for descriptive test –

3.1 – Essay Writing – In this section, candidates will be asked to write an essay on any of the current topic or trend related to the modern life, culture and current affairs. Here are some of the sample topics that the candidates can practice –

  • The impact of Social networking sites on youth
  • Disintegration of larger states into smaller states
  • Trials & Prejudices by Media

The topics will be based on the current political, social and economical events. While writing an essay, candidates should be able to communicate their ideas clearly and precisely. Candidates are advised to maintain a flow in their language and use real life logic to structure the essay. If possible, use real life examples whenever necessary.

3.2 – Story Writing – In this section, candidates will be given a set of pictures (7 – 10) and will be asked to frame a story using the pictures. Candidates are required to use their creativity and portray a story with all the elements of the pictures. The story should be logical as well as creative. Candidates with the most interesting and vivid story will have a better chance of getting a good score in this section. The importance will be given on the logical story that connects all the pictures with a different approach.

3. 3 – The argument in favor or against – In this section, a topic will be provided and the candidates will be required to give their views against it or in favour of it. Candidates are usually asked to put down at least 5 points each in favour and against the topic. Candidate’s clarity in thinking will be judged here, therefore, the arguments must be strong and straight-forward.

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