Telecommunication Management


Telecommunication Management, a management programme that includes the process of developing and the creation of unique and innovative ideas and utilize them in the operations and marketing of the technologies related to telecommunication. This programme aims to enrich and breed the essential skills which are required for the management of telecommunication networks, that includes; voice streams, along with the newer streams video and data. The motive of the programme is to enable the students to understand telecommunication operations and its relation to the other specifications of management-finance, marketing along with their management of regulatory and the legal framework involved.

Telecommunication Management for whom?

Those who are interested and seek advanced technical knowledge of the important aspect of telecommunication-the applied aspect, and are curious to integrate it with other plausible and intelligent business management knowledge should go for it as a career option.there are a few significant traits of this industry and they are shorter product life cycles, pressures of cost and finally convergence of new and old technologies for optimum to greatest results. These traits demand great professional skills and requires them to manage and address these dynamic yet basic requirements of the Information and Communication Technology System effectively and by producing great results, which shall prove the managerial skills of the student and proof the necessity of the program as a Management program.

What are the subjects or topics covered in Telecommunication Management

Telecommunication management requires the students to have technical knowledge of the working of the telecommunication and other related systems. It mainly is an amalgamation of technology and business management and in a way works with the harmony between them. Some of the major topics under Telecommunication Management are:

  • The Networking Fundamentals and Essentials

  • Telecommunication Technology Fundamentals and the basic approach to it.

  • Wireless Technology

  • Broadband Communication

  • Convergence and Next Generation Networks

  • Telecom Network Management

  • Inter-networking Technology

  • Network Design and Integration

  • Telecom Business Management

  • Telecom Project Management

  • Quality of Service in Telecom

  • Telecom Security Management

  • Business Transformation

  • Case Studies in Telecom Management

What are the career options for the MBA in Telecommunication Management?

An MBA in telecommunication management has a wide range of career options in the telecom industry, which is a booming industry in the 21st century. While top recruiters like Airtel, Vodafone, HCL technologies, Tata Consultancy services and Reliance communication look for professional with Telecommunication Management skills, the MBA in Telecom Management will specialize in the following fields and career options:

  • Telecom Market Research

  • Digital Marketing

  • Media Marketing

  • Enterprise Sales

  • Enterprise Mobility

  • Solution Architecture

  • Pre-Sales

  • Project and Program Management

  • Business Consulting and Telecom Consulting

  • Telecom Subject Matter Expertise

  • OSS/ BSS Consultancy

Top Indian MBA in Telecommunication Management Institutes

India although has a huge market of the telecommunication industry, but it is observed that the number of Institutes offering MBA in telecommunication management is still very low. Telecommunication Management as an MBA or Master’s programme was initiated in 2002 by Aegis School of Business & Telecommunication, along with the support of Bharti Airtel. Although now a few of the Institutes have taken upon themselves to give the much needed attention to this programme, but still a lot has to be done in the direction of development of this programme and popularizing it. The few top Indian MBA in Telecommunication Institutes are:

  • Bharti School of Telecommunication Technology and Management, IIT Delhi

  • Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management, Pune

  • MIT School of Telecom Management, Pune

  • Balaji Institute of Telecom & Management (BITM), Pune

  • International Institute of Telecom Management, Hyderabad

  • International Institute of Petroleum, Telecom & Management

  • Amity Institute of Telecom Technology & Management, Noida


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