What is the Secret to Crack the GD /PI at the Top Indian B–Schools?

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What is the Secret to Crack the GD /PI at the Top Indian B–Schools?Secret to Crack the GD / PI - The most dreaded and the most crucial rounds of admissions in the top b-schools of India. Earlier, they used to be an integral part of the IIMs and other such colleges of repute. But, nowadays they have become the part and parcel of admissions in almost every MBA college. What is the major factor behind them being so important? I mean, having qualified the exam already depicts that the candidate is eligible for the admissions. What extra thing tested by the GD/PI and how can one ace them?


Thinking from the perspective of the exam takers, the questions would be like:

  • What should be my strategy for the GD and PI rounds and what topics do I need to prepare?
  • How can I assert myself without losing it and showing angst or any such emotion which is negative?
  • How to actually prepare for the GD and PI rounds?

Well, these and many more looming right now in your minds are answered right here on this page. So, let us begin with the importance of the GD/PI rounds.

The GD/PI rounds are conducted as they test the candidates for:

  • Their ability to deal with the different opinions
  • The ability to voice his or her own voice amidst a group
  • How to represent the opinion which might be slightly or largely different from the others without yelling or tramping down (in words) on the others.
  • They reflect if the candidates can construct or arrive at the conclusions after having heard the views from a group.
  • The ability to take the initiative and the leadership skills are the other qualities tested in the GD/PI rounds.
  • They help in assessing the candidates’ ability to accept their flaws gracefully.

Therefore, the GD and PI rounds test the candidates from a completely different perspective.

What Topics to Prepare for the GD and PI rounds?

  • Current issues of the Political Importance
  • World economy
  • Educational System is quelling creativity in Indian children.
  • Obama will bring change, but only to the USA.
  • Human perspective on sensitive topics
  • Sports and the Moral values
  • Professional management is a mere rhetoric in family run businesses.
  • Should Nehru's educational institutions still stay elitist?
  • Indian women should take up their husbands' surname after marriage.
  • Topics affecting masses
  • Ergonomics
  • Reading pure science is a waste of time.
  • NGOs are yet to be treated the right way in the Indian society

And finally, how to crack the GD and PI.

Tip 1 – Don’t be timid to start.

  • After the invigilator has said START, no one is going to tell “YOU” to start the topic. You have to take the initiative to speak up yourself.
  • No one is going to give some space to you. You have to spot the time slot yourself.
  • If you are not able to start, then don’t let your moral go down. You can speak in the time remaining. But don’t be too patient.

TIP 2 – Don’t speak things which are NOT in the context.

  • Sometimes, in order to just speak up anything, the candidates tend to utter something which is totally out of context and not important.
  • This will only put a question mark on your understanding of the topic.
  • Speaking irrelevant things such as about the world health issues when the issue being dealt is overpopulation is only going to mar your score.

TIP 3 – Don’t get too excited

  • Remember it is a group discussion and not some parliamentary debate. You need to be decent, yet, assertive.
  • Speaking in anger or something as an emotional outburst will only make your scorecard bad.
  • Don’t expect someone to agree with you, put forward YOUR opinion and listen to the others’.

TIP 4 – Listen to Everyone:

  • Don’t think that just because you have put forward what you think about the topic, you can rest in peace and build your day time dream castles.
  • You need to be listening actively too. As you MIGHT get appointed to draw a conclusion and you might end up repeating what you said or just mute.

Now, some miscellaneous Tips:

  • If the candidate is not interested in taking coaching for the same, then the simplest way to prepare for the GD is to make the group of 5 to 10 students and select the most recent topic. Start discussing on that and try to make the ideas and thoughts clear to all. This can be helpful in refining the communication skills and also eradicates the hesitation. If the candidate cannot form the group, then he must join some coaching centre where he can get the opportunity to practice the same.
  • For participating in the group discussions, it is mandatory to stay updated with the current topics and must have the points to discuss it. This can be done by connecting with the internet and stay tuned with the latest technologies and current affairs.
  • First the candidate must understand the topic. If there is any problem, then ask immediately. Clarity of the given topic is quite important to move further.
  • For the best impression, the candidates are advised try to initiate the GD. This proves extremely beneficial. But initiate it wisely.
  • For GD, sensitive talk is mandatory. The aspirants are suggested to avoid superficial talk.
  • Along with the GD, the candidates also know how to face the interview. For this, the candidates must prepare the frequently asked questions.
  • It is imperative to be confident and avoid to get nervous in front of the interviewer as it leaves the bad impression and can become the reason for rejection.
  • Maintain the body language as good as possible as the body language plays the vital role in the candidate’s selection.
  • The candidates are advised to dress well in the GD as well as in the PI as the first impression always comes from the way the candidate is looking.

The top Indian BSchools require several qualities in the candidates. Therefore, it is mandatory that the candidate possesses all such required qualities like confidence, logical thinking, decision making, communication skills. The interviewers always want that the candidate can handle the situations well and has the ability to listen to others. Team skills are compulsory. These top Indian B- Schools produce the best managers which definitely require taking the whole team together.

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