Cancellation and Refund Policy


Refund Policy:

According to the Refund Policies of Entrance Corner there will be NO refund for the orders placed on any services like Counselling, Guidance or any products like Books, Tutorials or any other material of Entrance Corner.  

If however, due to any unprecedented error the person transacts wrong amount of money exceeding or wanting the required amount, then there exists a provision to Refund the value or do another transaction as may be required.  

Also, Entrance Corner reserves the sole unobjectionable rights to reject any order before the payment is done owing to any technical or network constraint.


Cancellation Policy:

If due to any kind of unprecedented or un – anticipated event the order for any services or products which includes the above mentioned and forthcoming initiatives of the firm, is cancelled then Entrance Corner will NOT REFUND any amount and the full amount of the order or request or any other form of money related document will be forfeited.