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Every year aspirants write Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) with an aim to receive admission into post graduate programs, like M.E, M.Tech and Ph.D, in some of the most prestigious colleges of nation, such as IISc, IITs and NIT etc. But why it so, that only a few manage to be through this golden gate and rest don’t? Why?....Do, the qualifiers have extra hours, per day? Or Are they referring to some secret ancient ‘10 way to crack IIT GATE’ book? Or Do be they have some super intelligent alien tutor helping them? Well, the answer to these questions we all know, then what is it which they are doing right and we are doing wrong? PLANNING!..

Studies suggest, that people with better planning technique, succeed more than those who function haphazardly. Formulating properly planned strategy is a desideratum to crack every exam, even to overcome any obstacle in life. Since, capability, comprehension, will power, memory and external factors of every student differs, we cannot formulate one strategy for all. But with the help of the guidelines below, you can surely devise one for yourself.

Open the GATE Here Comes the King of Glory...Too Dramatic!..anyways lets not lose focus form how to plan a proper strategy for cracking GATE.  

1. Start Early: Friends, the concept behind starting early is not to study extra but to save time for revision. Often it happens that we forget what we study. To avoid this, there is no other medium better than revision. Start 6 to 7 months before the exam. Yup, this is “at least” time, better if you start earlier. Anyways, after each month book a weekend to revise what you have studied and the month before exam should be completely dedicated to the revision of the syllabus.

2. Plan Your Time: Time will fly and the worst part will be that you will not be able to see or realize it did so...Ah! Panic!!...Don’t!...All you need to do is, plan your time for short as well as long run. Once you have started your preparation, just remember that you need not linger onto one topic for days. Toggle to another easy topic and re-start difficult one with a fresh mind.

3. Understand Syllabus and Paper Pattern: Look, you must understand that purpose of IIT GATE is not to judge who knows more. The exam is designed to evaluate comprehensive understanding of entrant, on various topics and concepts of the respective subjects. Thorough understanding will be more fruitful than memorizing all the syllabus.  

Gate will be a 3 hour exam in which an entrants will have to solve 65 questions of General Aptitude, Engineering Mathematics and Respective Subject. The exam will be of 100 marks in all and weightage of each section will be 15%, 15% and 70%, respectively.  

Understand the pattern and syllabus, it will help you in defining which concepts and section holds more weightage than others and how much effort and time you need to invest on each topic and subject.

4. Define Weak and Strong Areas: Once the syllabus is known, now you can define which concepts you know and which needs more working. Come on! No one can know everything...Its Ok to accept your weak areas. Areas defined? now instead of procrastinating easy concepts because they are easy, we suggest that you brush them up and just try to understand basic concepts of each difficult topic instead of drawing into the incomprehensible depth of it.

5. Correct Material and Clearing Concept: We have been insisting on clearing concepts because that is the gold key to unlock GATE. In exam MCQ as well as numerical questions will be asked, to answer both, one need to have clarity of concepts rather than excessive scattered information about it.

Candidates are also advised to stick on one or, if necessary, then two preparation book. No more, OK?...Instead of jumping from one book to another and jumbling up every topic, stick to one preparation book and be done with it thoroughly. Plus, there is no better source for preparation than Sample Paper and Previous Papers.

6. Speed and Accuracy: Speed with accuracy, Ah!...what can be better than that, but how to achieve it? This is where previous year paper and sample papers will assist you. Offline paper will help in understanding type of questions, marking scheme and level of exam and will ultimately increase accuracy . Whereas, online exam will make aware with the pressure to solve questions a under time limit, which will increase your speed.

7. Be Innovative: There are, definitely, more than one manner to solve questions. At time there will be even thousand ways to solve it. Yes, don’t be surprised, there can be so many ways. Now all you need to do is explore and seek quickest yet most apt way to solve a question. Now again to do so, you need to go back to point one. START EARLY!...

8. Check Performance: For this, we have already suggested you to completed study material till the month end and revise it before exam. But you can also plan out your own revision model, which can be daily, weekly or quarterly depending upon you capability and ability. Whatever the plan you’ll make remember, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE, STICK TO IT!!!....

9. Interact: We learn a lot, when we interact with correct individuals or group. Now, thanks to the internet, we do not need to search people, they are just a click away. Now all you need to do is participate in an online forum or group discussion. You will learn a lot more there, than anywhere else. If you are a shy kind of person, then just sit on the fence and attain as much knowledge as you can. And if you can find a real interaction group or place, which will discuss GATE topic, then that will be cherry on the top. Virtual can never compete with real, right guys?

10. Eat, Sleep and Relax: Don’t be so consumed with preparation that you ignore your health. Eat right, sleep more and relax even more. This will help you much more than studying day and night to find yourself attacked by anxiety, which you cannot fight because of mental fatigue.

11. Never Lose Your Flame: I am really not sure, whether the idea behind Never lose your flame by Issues, was the same as this or not but seriously, never lose it. Be Confident, You Can Crack IIT GATE.

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