6 Days Left For IIT JEE 2010 - 5 Quick Tips That Can Make a Difference

March 20, 2010 content.teams


I thought of updating the post so that you dont miss out the previous tips. I have added some more additional advices which will surely help you.

So How to go about preparing for these 6 days...

These 6 days if taken seriously can really make a difference in your rank. Even the toppers suggest that the last few days before JEE must be taken seriously and the aspirant should study maximum to his/her capacity.

1)Dont Do Any New Chapters Now:

Yeah leave them now. Better focus on solving those chapters which you have done.

2)Very Important: Solve Previous Years Papers of IITJEE

Yes, Solving JEE previous years papers is really an indispensable task at this time. You have to do it, no matter what. You should solve atleast 2 years paper. The more the better.

From where will I find the previous year’s papers?

Source I: Don’t worry! Entrance Corner always tries to make your work easier. We have uploaded some 5 to 7 past JEE papers. Here is the link to all


Source II: Buy MTG IITJEE Explorer or Chapterwise 31 years IITJEE papers or IIT Master by Tata McGraw Hill. Believe me these books are really awesome.

3)Revise all the Formulae

No preparation is complete without Revision. So better pick up any book which contains list of all formulae and most importantly recommended for JEE. If you want the list of the books which provide formulae then here it is…

  • PET success shortcuts
  • If you have taken Brilliant Tutorials correspondence course then nothing can be better that the “Compendium” provided by them. This book is highly recommended and it contains all the formulae.

Sleep will also be a factor which can decide your rank. So take minimum of 5 to 6 hours of rest.


4)Just Slog it out.

Slogging at this stage is very natural. It’s like the final over’s of a cricket match when the batsman tries to score maximum in the last few overs. Same thing applies here. You should try to solve maximum papers and problems in these 6 days.

5) Go for a Ride on Saturday:

Just to chill out, go outdoors. Spend some quality time with your family,friends. This will refresh you so that you can give you JEE with a fresh mind and it will also relieve you from all your tensions.So try it

Best of luck and Make Entrance Corner and Your Parents, Teachers proud. Wink


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