65 Days Left for IIT JEE - A Stepwise Master Plan

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I had set this day as a reminder in my cell so that I don’t forget to write this as i know the importance of this articleCool

I won’t take much of your time here, as every minute and every second is important now.

So what Your Plan?

I hope everyone is preparing with full throttle now.

In these 65 days you should work like a mad guy. A simple example is that a Fat Guy running after a chocolate cupcake.

Here is a simple plan for all those who want to make the best out of these 65 days

Disclaimer : The plan laid out below is only for those who have not planned anything. Those who have already planned for the last 2 months then my advice is that PLEASE STICK TO YOUR PLAN. Dont change anything in it. If you are still confused then add your comment below.

From 6th Feb to 1st March:

I assume that most of the students must have not completed their portion by now. So if you haven’t completed it yet then try to complete by 1st March. If by chance you are not able to complete by that time then you can extend it by 10th March. But try to finish it A-S-A-P

From 2nd March to 1st April :

For Regular Students Answering boards :

Here is a small advice for those who are anwering boards in this month . Dont touch anything outside your board syllabus now. Aim for high percentage in boards. I know many of them who neglect their boards at this time and finally fail to clear boards as well as IITJEE. This is a major blunder commited by students. Here is a smart trick which you can follow if possible.Cool

The Trick here is that you study the full Boards syllabus from IIT JEE as well as Board exam point of view. So how to do it? After studying a chapter thoroughly for boards shift to IITJEE level problems of that chapter and solve all the problems in full steps(even objective problems). The advantage here is that you are automatically prepared for Boards as well as IIT JEE simultaenously. After you have finished with your board exam follow the advice given below (For Droppers)

For Droppers:

It's very important for everyone to practice past year IITJEE papers at this time. Better buy MTG’s IITJEE Explorer or 31 Years Chapter wise IIT-JEE Solved Papers and solve the book from scratch. Keeping some 2 to 3 hours for revision can really be helpful. So go for it.

Those who have still not completed the portion my advice is that daily make it a point to solve atleast 1 practice paper or a previous paper of IITJEE and rest of the time study your leftover portion. Hope this helps

Next April 2nd to April 8th:

Whoa 10 days left. At this time you will start feelling the chill. Don’t worry its perfectly normal, everyone faces it. If you utilize these 10 days smartly then I guess it can be immensely helpful to you and your rank.

In these 7 days, Just revise the formulae’s. I strongly recommend you to buy PET Success Shortcuts which contains only formulae’s and so helps in revising Or those who have taken Brilliant Tutorials can read their Compendium (formula book)  for revision.

April 9th to April 10th 10:00 PM :

I want everyone to keep your book aside and go for a long ride, movie or hang out with your friends or family. Why? Because its highly recommended that you remain stress free atleast 48 hours before the exam. You know what this really helps, try it out.

Don’t go for late night studies or night outs in the last week of IITJEE, as it can really affect your confidence and rank.

Best thing is follow the quote ~ Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. ~


On April 11th – The D Day

Ohh wait I will come up with a new article with some awesome tips and advices soon so please tighten your seatbelts as the ride is going to be really rough…and keep visiting Entrance Corner for more tips

And yeah as rightly said by someone( )

” Nothing is Impossible, Only Pyaar Impossible (sorry for the shitty line)”Laughing




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