A Visit to BITS Pilani Goa Campus

June 24, 2010 content.teams

I visited BITS Pilani Goa Campus in 2009 for SPREE (BITS Pilani Sports Festival). When I entered the campus I was able to make out why every one considers BITS Pilani Goa a beautiful campus.

I really enjoyed those three days in the campus. I wasn’t alone. I had my pals with me.We were 3 of us.

The campus was spread beautifully with gardens lawns in between. Here are some of the snaps which I captured with my personal digital camera.Thank god I carried it that day.Smile

NOTE : The campus has much more beautiful scenery. I coudnt capture all of the them due to lack of time and was also feeling lazy to roam around the campus. So i would like to say that the campus rocked and it was just BEAutiful Laughing


The Gateway of Bits Pilani Goa Campus

BITSians call this as a main highway of the college which takes you from hostel to the hostel mess where the food is supplied.The food tastes OK. Not good not bad.

If you want to have some juice after food then you have to spend minimum 5 rs and maximum 15 to 20 Rs.I bought sweet lassi for 10 Rs.yeah it was really cheap and tasty and Rotis or Chapatis are like metal plate.Undecided

The mess follows buffet system so you can take as much you want but there's one problem here.You need a coupon for the food which is given to BITS students at the start of the month.

Here is the main entrance of Students activity center.Here you will find all sports which you like.

The SAC was around 10 mins walking distance from the main gate.So you need to walk a lot here to go from one place to another.
BITS PILANI Goa Campus is situated just near Dabolim airport .So you will be able to see Airplanes taking off and might sometimes even get disturbed with the sound.

I spoke to some Bits students about this and they said that these planes act as their alarm clock at 6 am.Cool

SAC lawns

This is the basketball ground which is being used as a football venue for spree.

I heard that football,cricket and lawn tennis grounds are under construction.A very beautiful place indeed.
Sorry for the blurred photo.This is the main lounge section where students hang out.Really cool place.

The future cricket ground of Bits Pilani Goa campus.Its under construction.

The Basketball Court
The flags of spree
The lounge section
And the logo of Spree(BITS Pilani sports festival)

I really loved this place.But I had to leave it after 3 days of Spree since I am not a Bits student.Work hard now and something really interesting is waiting for you later.

Live Life to the fullest , Kya Pata Kal Ho Na Ho Wink

Article and snaps by Manish Singh...

The Gateway of Bits Pilani Goa Campus

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