Aadhaar Number Mandatory for UPSEE 2017 application form

Jan. 19, 2017 priyamdave04

Aadhaar Number Mandatory for UPSEE 2017 application formUPSEE 2017 application form begins on January 18 and soon landed into controversy with making Aadhaar number mandatory for applying. The examination authority Dr. Abdul Kalam Technical University (AKTU) has not mentioned any information regarding requirement Aadhaar number in the information brochure or in the how to fill the UPSEE application form document. The candidates applying for the entrance examination were not aware of the requirement as it was intimated to them earlier. Many candidates raised their concern and seek clarification what to do if they do not have Aadhaar number.

How and Where to use Aadhaar Number in UPSEE?

The major issue with the UPSEE 2017 was, there was no information available for the candidates regarding the Aadhaar number. Even the brochure do not have the point specified in it. Every single details of how to fill the application form were mentioned except the Aadhaar number. Check the screen shot of the application form indicating the Aadhaar number to be filled by the candidate.

Aadhaar Number Mandatory for UPSEE 2017 application form

In the image above, Aadhaar Card is mandatory but no verification is done. We tried to fill the form with a fake name and a random Aadhaar number to apply. We were able to proceed to the next level. A candidate who does not have an Aadhaar number can use their parent's/guardian's number, they will be able to revise it, when the correction window for UPSEE 2017 Application Form will open on March 27, 2017.

Now, the basic question occurs is that why there was a lot of confidentiality about entering the Aadhaar number in the Application Form? Why the conducting body AKTU never mentioned any details or have not published any press release on the same issue, so that candidates can be aware of and can prepare for it? Opposite to this, CBSE, governing authority of JEE Main 2017 issued a notification on November 22, 2016, regarding the provision of Aadhaar while filling online application.

What will happen to the students who apply now for an Aadhaar Card? The Aadhaar Card will be issued within 4 to 6 weeks. So, such candidates cannot apply? One thing has been understood from the issue that it was not executed properly, as it was thought.

Legal Outlook on Aadhaar Card

Using Aadhaar Card scheme is purely voluntary and it can not be made mandatory on any citizen. Even the compulsory usage of Aadhaar Card has not yet come. This clear statement was inscribed in two of the legal petition which can be taken as the best examples as a proof.

The first judgment in 2017, was passed by the bench of three learned Judges in Justice K.S. Puttaswamy (RETD) & ANR. Vs Union of India & ORS. This case made it clear in the legal statement that the Aadhaar Card is discretionary and can not be made a crux document. Click here to check the judgment

And, the second illustration against the use of Aadhaar Card in 2016 for petitioner All India Bengal Minority Students Council and ANR. Vs Union of India & ORS. In the case, it was enunciated to remove Aadhaar Card as a mandatory condition for the candidates to register. The Supreme Court of India iterate the clause to be removed and ministry complied. Click here to check the judgment.

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