AICTE to Decrease Number of Engineering Seats by 40%

Sept. 23, 2015 content.teams

To tackle the issue of vacant seats and degrading education standard, All India Counsel of Technical Education (AICTE) is planning to lessen the number of engineering seats by 40%. AICTE’s move will be to shut down institutes and decrease the intake of the candidates to upgrade the present engineering admission scenario. As per Anil Sahasrabudhe, chairman of the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), the intake has to be decreased for the betterment of all the students, education providers and employers.

We would like to bring it down to between 10 lakh and 11 lakh (one million and 1.1 million) from a little over 16.7 lakh now,” said Anil Sahasrabudhe

In the recent years, recruiters are continuously complaining about the debased quality of the graduates. Only prestigious institutes like IITs, BITSAT, IIITs etc have been able to maintain the promised standard. Rest, more than half the institute lack the proper infrastructure, faculty, material etc facility. Hence, producing employees with fewer skills and efficiency. The proof of such is the 2011 survey by software industry lobby group Nasscom. As per it, only 17.5% engineering graduates were deemed employees in 2011.

As per Raju Davis Parepadan, chairman of Kerala-based Holygrace Academy, 70% of the engineering colleges are providing low quality education which is not only leading to poor quality of the graduate but is also reducing the interest of the students from this engineering field. He also added that authorities, like AICTE must take strict actions to improve the situation.

“Authorities, especially AICTE, need to be strict with such institutions so that only serious players stay in the space and quality does not get hampered” said Parepadan

“So, closing down is one option, but the other option is due diligence so that serious players and serious students co-exist for mutual benefit. And employers get job-ready individuals.”

Anil Sahasrabudhe has made clear that shutting down of the institutes will only be done to improve the quality of the education and institutes will not be forced to do so. However, he has also stated that the intake capacity is way more than the demand. Due to the vacant seats in the current year, almost 556 engineering courses or departments have already been closed. Yet this number is half the 1,422 applications that the regulator received seeking permission to shut engineering departments or courses.

The issue will be taken up in the next executive council meeting, in which the matter will be consulted with Human Resources Development Ministry.  Sahasrabudhe added, “ AICTE  will ensure that students are not at the receiving end. We shall also ensure that educational lands or properties are not converted into a real estate business by education players.”

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