BITSAT Exam Pattern 2018

Sept. 28, 2017 Plabita

BITSAT Exam PatternBITSAT Exam Pattern 2018 - The exam pattern of BITSAT provide details about the overall structure of the entrance exam. BITSAT exam pattern 2018 includes details about the examination mode, duration, total number of sections, types of questions, question distribution, marking scheme etc. As per BITSAT exam pattern, the entrance test will be a computer-based test likely to start in the third week of May 2018. Candidates have to attempt questions from four sections, namely Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, English proficiency and logical reasoning. The total number of questions in BITSAT is 150 of total 450 marks. Candidates who complete all the questions before the given time period will also have an option to solve a set 12 questions. It is important for candidates appearing in the aptitude test to be acquainted with the exam pattern of BITSAT. With the help of BITSAT 2018 exam pattern candidates will be able to prepare more effectively for the examination. To get complete information about BITSAT exam pattern 2018 read the article given below on this page.

BITSAT Exam Pattern 2018 - Overview

Particular Details
Exam mode Computer-based test
Number of sections 4
Total questions 150
Total marks 450
Marking scheme Correct answer- +3
Incorrect answer- -1
Exam duration 3 hours

BITSAT Exam Pattern 2018 - In detail

The exam pattern of BITSAT is defined by BITS Pilani. It is important for candidates to have an understanding about test pattern as the examination will be based on it. Candidates can check BITSAT exam pattern 2018 from below:

Examination mode - BITSAT 2018 will be a computer-based test. The questions will appear on the screen of the computer. Candidates have to answer the given questions with the help of the keyboard or mouse.

Language medium - All the questions and instructions for the test will be in English only.

Number of sections - Questions in the entrance test will be asked from the following four sections:

  1. Section 1: Chemistry
  2. Section 2: Physics
  3. Section 3: Mathematics
  4. Section 4: English proficiency and logical reasoning

Type of questions - Each section will have multiple choice questions. Each question will have four options out of which only one response will be correct.

Total number of questions - The total number of questions of the entrance test is 150. The subject wise distribution of questions is given below:

BITSAT exam pattern 2018 - Distribution of questions

Subjects Question distribution
Chemistry 40
Physics 40
Mathematics 45
a) English proficiency
b) Logical reasoning
Total 150

Total marks - The total marks of the paper is 450. Candidates can check the marking scheme as defined in BITSAT exam pattern 2018 from below:

BITSAT 2018 exam pattern - Marking scheme

Particular Details
Correct response For every correct answer, candidates will be awarded 3 marks
Incorrect response Every incorrect/ multiple responses will lead to a deduction of 1 mark
Unanswered questions No marks will be deducted for unanswered questions

Duration - BITSAT 2018 will be of total 3 hour duration without any break. There is no time limit for individual parts of the test. Candidates can navigate through questions as well as sections.

BITSAT Exam Pattern 2018 - 12 set questions

Candidates answering all the 150 questions will be given an option of attempting 12 extra questions, provided there is enough time left. The extra set of 12 questions will be from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics only. Each section will consist four questions. Once candidates have opted for the extra questions they cannot go back for correction of any of the earlier answered 150 questions. There will be negative marking for wrong answers.

BITSAT Syllabus 2018

The question asked in BITSAT 2018 will be based on NCERT syllabus prescribed for class 11 and 12. A sample test demonstrating the features of BITSAT 2018 will also be made available online to the registered candidates by BITS Pilani for practice. The subject wise topics prescribed for BITSAT 2018 is given below in the table:

BITSAT Syllabus - Topics

Subject Topics
Physics Units & Measurement, Kinematics, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Impulse and Momentum, Work and Energy, Rotational Motion, Gravitation, Mechanics of Solids and Fluids, Oscillations, Waves, Heat and Thermodynamics, Electrostatics, Current Electricity, Magnetic Effect of Current, Electromagnetic Induction, Optics, Modern Physics, Electronic Devices
Chemistry States of Matter, Atomic Structure, Chemical Bonding & Molecular Structure, Thermodynamics, Physical and Chemical Equilibria, Electrochemistry, Chemical Kinetics, Surface Chemistry, Hydrogen and s-block elements, p- d- and f-block elements, Principles of Organic Chemistry and Hydrocarbons, Stereochemistry, Organic Compounds with Functional Groups Containing Oxygen and Nitrogen, Biological, Industrial and Environmental Chemistry, Theoretical Principles of Experimental Chemistry,
Mathematics Algebra, Trigonometry, Two-dimensional Coordinate Geometry, Three-dimensional Coordinate Geometry, Differential calculus, Integral calculus, Ordinary Differential Equations, Probability, Vectors, Statistics, Linear Programming, Mathematical modelling
English proficiency Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Composition
Logical reasoning Verbal reasoning- Analogy, Classification, Series Completion, Logical Deduction – Reading Passage, Chart Logic
Nonverbal reasoning- Pattern Perception, Figure Formation and Analysis, Paper Cutting, Figure Matrix, Rule Detection

About BITSAT 2018

BITSAT 2018 will be administered by BITS Pilani. BITSAT is likely to be held in around 47 cities across India in May 2018. Based on BITSAT 2018 score, the three campuses of BITS situated in Pilani, Goa and Hyderabad will offer Admission to various undergraduate engineering programmes. Also, class 12 topper of all the central and state boards in India will be offered direct admission irrespective of their BITSAT score.

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