BITSAT Preparation Tips 2016

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BITSAT is one of the most prestigious engineering entrance examinations in the country which is often considered to have the least selection ratio. Millions of candidates apply for the examination to take admission in engineering UG courses such as B.Tech and B.E. in various disciplines. The shortlisted candidates are picked for admission in any of the three campuses located at Pilani, Goa, and Hyderabad. As the admissions are purely on the basis of merit, it becomes imperative to perform extraordinarily and secure a seat to pursue higher studies in the engineering field. Often candidates seek tips and tricks to solve the examination and ensure a bigger score, for all those who aspire to take admission in BITS; we have compiled BITSAT Preparation Tips in this article so as to heighten your chances of selection in the final merit list. Read this article and start preparation with a jovial mood and mindset. We wish you good luck in your endeavor!

BITSAT Examination Preparation Tips & Tricks

Here are some important tips and tricks to qualify the BITSAT B.Tech Examination with flying colors:

  • Getting Familiar To Online Exam Process And Dynamics

Many candidates are afraid of attempting the examination online, but trust us; it is as simple as the offline mode examination. You must get yourself familiar with laptops and computers for practicing online exam. For this purpose, you are suggested to take online mock tests which are offered by various education portals and private coaching institutes. In the online exam, you have to take use of mouse and keyboard to mark and write the answer respectively thus we can see that online examination is not a rocket-science and requires just a little bit of practice on shuffling questions, changing sections, and marking the answer on the screen. Online examinations’ biggest advantage is that you don’t have to waste much time marking an answer. In offline mode, you have to be careful to darken the circle completely without crossing the border of the circle.

  • Taking Note Of Strengths And Weaknesses And Preparing Accordingly

You must take note of the strengths and weaknesses and work accordingly on the topics and subjects you find difficult to deal with. Keep in mind the specific topics which put brakes on your efficiency and reasoning power. Revise and practice such topics so as to hold the grip on them. You are advised to keep a strong tab on these topics in the early stage of preparation so that you have ample time to cover them. You can take help of seniors, teachers, and colleagues for this purpose. One of the best ways to strengthen weak areas is by taking mock tests on a regular basis. Before choosing such topics, you are advised to refer to the syllabus which can be checked HERE.

  • Revising And Revising And Revising

The importance of revision cannot be ruled out by any candidate. It is one of the best practices that help you excel the examination. It is not sufficient to study topics in the first stance but to maintain the grip on them you are advised to revise them at a regular basis. You can set the revision period according to your convenience. The chances of your forgetting the topics are very high if you fail to revise the topics. You can make a handbook of important formulae and points for quick revision and glance. We suggest you to revise on a weekly basis so that you don’t have to cut time on the regular fresh topics. For theory subjects, you can revise them orally or by making notes but for calculative topics, it is always recommended to solve the questions from a question bank which would contain a variety of topics to practice from.

  • Solving Sample Papers And Previous Year Question Papers

Importance of this practice cannot be underestimated by any candidate. Solving sample question papers and previous year question papers do take your preparation to another level. You must try to solve as many papers as you can to have a proper understanding of the exam format, marking scheme, topic distribution, and difficulty level of the examination. Sometimes, sample papers contain questions which may actually appear in the main examination in the same pattern, which will act as a bonus questions. There are basically two modes to solve papers – online and offline. A candidate can check with his resources and convenience to solve the papers accordingly. Our advice is to solve 2 offline papers daily and 1 online paper weekly. You can buy the online paper package from any educational website.

  • Staying Positive And Giving Your Best

Staying positive may not have a direct impact on your preparation but it will definitely boost your confidence and self-esteem which helps you in the long run of the admission process and examinations. A positive attitude will help you to take decisions wisely. Sometimes a candidate, despite knowing the correct answer may mark wrongly, which is a result of low confidence. Your productivity and efficiency in the examination is directly proportional to your mental attitude and outlook towards the examination hence always stay positive and give it your best shot.

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