CG PET 2016 Sample Papers

Nov. 26, 2015 asharma

CG PET 2016 Sample PapersThe Chhattisgarh Pre Engineering Test (CG PET) for the upcoming academic year is likely to be held during the month of May 2016. It is highly recommended that students preparing for the Pre-Engineering Test solve the CG PET 2016 Sample Papers on a regular basis. The sample papers will give candidates a clear idea of how the CG PET question paper will be structured and assessed. Ideally, a candidate should have solved at least a few of these sample papers to familiarize themselves with the scheme of the exam and the range of questions. 

Candidates can obtain the sample papers of CG PET online or offline. The online sample papers will be made available at the official website of CG PET as well as various other leading educational portals of India. The offline sample papers, on the other hand, can be bought from online booksellers or bookstores that deal in educational material. The CG PET Entrance Exam will consist of objective type questions only, covering topics from the subjects of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. To find out how to use the CG PET Sample Papers effectively, candidates can scroll below.

How to make effective use of the CG PET Sample Papers 2016?

• To make the best use of the sample papers, candidates are advised to attempt solving the same only after having completed the entire syllabus that has been prescribed for the entrance test.
• The sample papers of CG PET should be solved on a regular basis as only repeated practice can help in rigorous revision and help candidates improve their speed and accuracy in solving problems.
• The sample paper should be attempted in an environment that is similar to the real exam. Candidates will be allowed a duration of 180 minutes (3 Hours) to complete the CG PET Exam and, therefore, they should tune themselves to complete the paper within this time limit that has been specified.
• Candidates can also use the scores obtained in the practice test to keep track of their learning. If candidates find that there is no improvement in their scores over a period of time, they should check their learning and try and find the concepts in which they are still lagging.

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