Exit Test soon to be introduced for engineering students

Jan. 9, 2017 Plabita

Exit Test soon to be introduced for engineering studentsStudents doing their engineering might have to take an Exit Test in the final year of their course. The test might be introduced for students of both Government and Private institutions. The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) is expected to hold a meeting this week where they are expected to discuss the introduction of the Exit test to improve the quality of education in the engineering Institutes of the country.

Experts feel that this step will prove beneficial for students in the future. The test has been proposed by some academicians to get an insight of the level of the institutes and check on the same level-playing field of comparison of scores. In the upcoming meeting of the AICTE, the members will hold a further discussion and will consider the opinions of different stakeholders, institutes, teachers and students regarding the implementation of the Exit test.


Suresh Ukarande, the in charge faculty coordinator for engineering at Mumbai University said “The idea is good, though it will need a lot of deliberation. In the long term, it will better the quality of students as they will have to continuously update themselves. The exit examination could also be very comprehensive and help test students better.”

As per reports, the exit test is proposed as a result of the negative feedback received by the government regarding the engineering education of the country. Every year, the engineering institutes produce lakhs of engineering students out of which only 20 -30% of them acquire a decent job. Showing concern regarding the low level of employment, a human resource development ministry source said “We want to check their aptitude, skills and critical thinking and not just theory. The exit examination will be focused entirely on that. This will give us feedback on the teaching standards at these institutes too. We will be able to suggest remedial measures as it will help in identifying the colleges which require teacher training etc.”

If the proposal is approved by the AICTE, the Exit test will be mandatory for all the engineering students. The result will also be shared with the institutes and AICTE will require issuing a regulation to ensure that all the institute follow it. As per reports, in case, any institution do not follow the regulation, they might not be permitted approval status.

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