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Nov. 23, 2017 Gitumoni

GATE Mock Test 2018GATE Mock Test 2018: The mock test of GATE 2018 has been made available by IIT Guwahati on November 23, 2017. Aspirants, who will be appearing for GATE 2018 on February 3, 4, 10 and 11, 2018 can practice from the GATE mock test to get complete knowledge of the actual exam. All the candidates must regularly take the GATE mock test 2018. The GATE 2018 mock test will be beneficial to the candidates as they will be familiar with the procedure of online CBT mode of examination. The mock test of GATE plays a vital role to determine the level of preparation for the actual test. After taking GATE mock test 2018, candidates can evaluate their performance and check their areas of improvement. The GATE mock test will be different for each 23 papers. The duration of the test is 180 minutes and the total number of questions will be approximately 55 for each subject and 10 questions for GA discipline. Candidates can check how to take GATE Mock Test 2018, step by step procedure, importance and more from the article below.


Why to take GATE Mock Test 2018?

  • Candidates will develop an understanding of the GATE 2018 exam pattern and the type of questions they can expect in the examination with the help of GATE 2018 mock test.
  • Through GATE mock tests, candidates can check their current preparation level.
  • Taking GATE mock test 2018 will give test takers a prior experience of the computer-based test mode of exam. 
  • Mock test will help candidates to understand online testing interface which includes navigation between sections, how to marks responses, selecting questions for review, etc.
  • The GATE Mock Test also helps candidates to manage their exam time by adopting time management as per weightage of section

When to take GATE Mock Test 2018?

It is important for the candidates to start taking GATE mock tests prior to 5 to 6 months of the GATE 2018 exam. This will help candidates to analyse and evaluate their performance from the beginning of the preparation level.

How to take GATE Mock Test 2018?

To get a better idea of GATE 2018 Computer Based Test candidates can check the step by step process of GATE Mock Test 2018. In order to take GATE 2018 mock test, candidates have to click on the 'GATE Mock Test 2018 link provided below and click on 'Sign in' button.

After login candidates will have to read the important instructions related to question palette, navigating between sections, response marking, section wise questions distribution, marking scheme, etc.

After reading the examination instructions candidates have to give their consent that he/she had read the instructions. This declaration has to be clicked by each candidate to begin the online test. After that candidate has to click on ‘I am ready to begin’ button to begin the online exam.


GATE Mock Test available for following 23 papers - Click Here



Paper codes


Aerospace Engineering



Agricultural Engineering



Architecture and Planning






Civil Engineering



Chemical Engineering



Computer Science and Information Technology






Electronics and Communication Engineering



Electrical Engineering



Ecology and Evolution



Geology and Geophysics



Instrumentation Engineering






Mechanical Engineering



Mining Engineering



Metallurgical Engineering



Petroleum Engineering






Production and Industrial Engineering



Textile Engineering and Fiber Science



Engineering Sciences



Life Sciences



GATE Mock Test 2018: What is GATE 2018 Question Palette?

The question palette is status of each question through different colours which shows answered, unanswered or marked for review. The image below shows GATE 2018 Question Palette and significance of each colour.


Button No. Status of each question when pressed
1 You have not visited the question yet.
3 You have not answered the question.
5 You have answered the question.
7 You have NOT answered the question, but have marked the question for review.
9 You have answered the question but marked it for review.


Instructions on GATE Mock Test 2018

  • The duration of GATE 2018 mock test is 180 minutes
  • For calculation virtual calculator is made available on the screen – To read more Click Here
  • For full view, mode candidates can click on arrow mark on the right side of the screen. They can also use scroll bar to see the full questions on a screen
  • A clock on the testing platform represents the time left for the exam. The clock will be set at the server. The countdown timer in the top right corner of the screen will display the remaining time available for the candidate to complete GATE 2018 exam. When the timer reaches zero, the examination will end and responses will be submitted automatically

After clicking on ‘I am ready to begin’ candidates will have to start the GATE Mock Test 2018 and the page appears like it is given below.

GATE Mock Test 2018: Online Test Dashboard

The dashboard of GATE Mock Test contains several icons and each having its own importance. For understanding the detail and importance of online testing platform check the image below. The serial numbers represent the details of the icons.


1: There will be two sections in the CBT test. The first section is the General Aptitude (GA) section which is compulsory for all the candidates.
2: The second section is the GATE 2018 question paper as selected per the subject was chosen
3: The virtual calculator is the scientific calculator that the candidates can use during the exam for numerical questions
4: On click, this icon candidate will able to view complete question paper on a single page
5: This image represents the examination instructions must be followed by candidates during the exam
6: Upon click, this candidate will get access to useful data and formulas which can use while solving questions
7: It shows the exam duration and time left for completing the exam
8: It shows the candidate’s profile along with their registration number, name and login id
9: It represents the correct and negative marks allotted for each question  

GATE Mock Test 2018: How to Navigate to a question?

  • Candidates must click on the question number in the question palette to go to that question numbered directly.
  • Candidates can view all the questions by clicking on the Question Paper button.
  • Candidates can view one question at a time. A provision to see multiple questions is not available but they can view it by clicking on questions paper icon

Note: Candidates can also choose to navigate from each of the sections and questions during the entrance exam.

GATE Mock Test 2018: How to answer a question?

Procedure for answering a multiple choice type question:

  • To select the answer, candidates must click on the button of one of the options.
  • To deselect candidates must choose the answer, click on the button of the chosen option again or click on the Clear Response button.
  • To change the chosen answer, candidates must click on the button of another option.


GATE Mock Test 2018: Procedure for answering a numerical answer type question:

  • To solve the questions candidates can use the virtual numerical keypad.
  • If any answer is in a fractional number in decimal notation (eg. -0.3 or -.3) candidates can answer with or without '0' before the decimal point
  • To clear your answer, click on the Clear Response button

To change the answer to a question candidates have already been answered, first select that question for answering and then follow the procedure for answering that type of question.

GATE Mock Test 2018: How to save GATE answer?

  • To save the answer, candidates must click on the Save & Next button.
  • To mark the question for review, click on the Mark for Review & Next button.
  • After completion of examination time (180 minutes) all the answers shall be automatically submitted.

Importance of GATE Mock Test 2018

  • By attempting the GATE 2018 mock test, the candidates will be able to know the GATE exam pattern 2018 effectively.
  • Candidates will be able to know how to manage time to complete the overall GATE question paper.
  • All of the questions asked in the mock test will be from the previous year examination and therefore the candidates will be able to prepare well for the upcoming GATE 2018 exam.
  • Practicing from the GATE sample papers or model papers will also be helpful for the candidates in knowing the common topics and what are areas they should focus more.

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