How to Crack VITEEE 2015 Online Exam

April 9, 2015 asharma

VITEEE 2015 Examination, conducted by VIT University for offering admission in engineering UG courses (B.E/B.Tech) for session 2015-16. Candidates will be selected for admission in courses and affiliated colleges on the basis of merit.To get admission, the competition is quite high, hence, you must qualify the exam with good scores to strengthen the chances of getting favorite course. Online exam of VITEEE, commenced from 08 April. For the exam, you have to book slot in advance, facility will be available on the official website of VIT University by entering application number and password. For some important tips and tricks that will help you to crack the examination and score more marks, read the article. Online exam is conducted on a computer backed by a server in real time.

Knowing the precursors of the examination

Knowing all the precursors is important before start preparing for the examination. You must note down the syllabus and generate its printout. By reading the syllabus, you will come to know about the topics and the chapters that you must read. It will also help you to know about the important topics that you must revise for the examination predominantly. You must also follow the exam pattern to know the number of questions, type of questions, exam duration, marking scheme, and subject weightage. It is advisable to follow the exam notification to read all the instructions related to the exam and the admission procedure.

Realizing the strengths and weaknesses

As you start with the preparation for VITEEE 2015 Online Exam, you must be aware of your weakness and strength. This means you must realize in which subjects you need to work harder than the others. You can be strong in Math but average in Chemistry or strong in Physics and weak in Math. Hence, prepare planned strategy to prepare the weak parts accordingly to strengthen the concepts for the examination. It can happen that the sections in which you are weak are extremely important from the exam perspective. Dropping or postponing preparation of these topics can really hamper your overall scores in the examination thus you must be really serious about realizing your strong and weak points. By this, you would be able to have command on the complete syllabus without leaving any topic.

Planning your preparation and working accordingly

Another of important VITEEE 2015 Online Exam Tips is that you must create a strategy based on the above points. This will help you in the long run as you can plan your preparation and devote equal and sufficient time to each subject. This also helps you to spare time for revision and solving the previous year/sample papers. You can take help of your teachers, seniors and fellows to prepare the study plan. Though it’s important to prepare for the exam by creating a study plan, it is more important to follow it religiously. A plan, if not implemented, is waste. You can assign daily targets to yourself and try to achieve them before sleeping. This will also keep you under a positive pressure and help you to complete syllabus in time.

Practicing hard and fast

Merely learning or cramming chapters won’t give you mileage but practicing would. You need to understand the concepts and take different tests or solve question papers for checking how well you are prepared. It gives you an insight of your preparation level and pushes you to reach the targets and cover the topics, if you are lagging in some aspect. Try to include 3 hours daily for solving these papers or quizzing yourself. You can solve the specific chapter wise questions given at the end of each chapter or take a subject specific test to know which topics you have mastered enough. Sample papers can be solved in online as well as offline mode.

Beyond study schedules

Though you must study and practice hard for the preparation of the Online Exam of VITEEE 2015, you must never underestimate the importance of good health and relaxation. You must involve yourself in some mind-calming activities such as sports or music to help you relax after long study schedule. Avoid all sort of junk food and other such meals which are high in fats and calories. They affect your body functioning negatively and thus your performance in the preparation. Prefer eating fresh vegetables and fruits for energy diets and to avoid snacks. You can meditate or follow Yoga for mental relaxation. Do not burden yourself with too much pressure and be at ease while studying.

Extra tips for good scores

  • Don’t pick a new chapter just before some days of the examination. Revise what you have learnt in those few days and make them strong
  • Do not leave any important chapter from any subject. You can take help of teachers and students to know which topic holds higher weightage
  • Keep track of important milestones such as mock tests/school exams, festivals or family functions to plan preparation accordingly
  • At the exam, read every question firmly and with attention. Do not get overconfident. It will affect your understanding of the question

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