How To Revise The Chapters - A Perfectly Planned Strategy

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Hi friends,

Exam is approaching very fast and I hope you all are feeling the goosebumps. Some are working hard while some are still sleeping and waiting for the time to come and sit behind them.

If you want to score well in any exam then you should use all the available time and get attached with studies and every chapter of the syllabus.

I have seen many of them hitting the forums and asking on "how to revise the chapters" and like always I have come up with an easy way to revise you syllabus. Please follow it systematically if you really wanna REVISE.

The Revision Process - Please Read It Carefully

Draw a table like this given below on a small book or a page. Always keep the copy on your study table and go through it daily.

Sr No

Name of Chapters


Coaching Notes/Self Notes








Current Electricity










Electromagnetic Induction





Modern Physics









It is just a sample table so you can fill it up according to your choice (MAKE SIMILAR TYPE OF TABLE FOR MATHS AND CHEM TOPICS TOO...i am just providing you the method on how to do it so apply the same for Chemistry and Maths)

Now revise Electrostatics from NCERT. After doing it once mark “+ “indicating that I have revised and Read NCERT (electrostatics) once.

Revise it again and mark “++”. It means that i have revised it twice.

Following this method given above list all the chapters of Physics, chemistry, Mathematics on 3 Different pages. The reason to do it on 3 different pages is because after seeing the bulky list of so many chapters at a time you can get depressed.

So list out the chapters on the basis of different subjects. XII Physics on one page, XI Physics on another page then XII Chemistry on one page, XI chemistry on other. Similarly for Maths.

In short the strategy means that you have to tick mark the chapter you have revised in the table above. Simple as it sounds.


How the Heck will This Strategy Help?


The revision technique looks quite simple but it can really boost your confidence and also save your precious time.

The advantage of doing this is that you will daily get informed about how much have you studied.

Suppose one day you pick up the revision book and go through the table then you will find that some chapters require more attention as they have less "+" sign marked against them.

In this way, you will get informed daily by yourself...that you have studied this much.........

You have “+++” in electrostatics and for modern physics you’ve only “+” . Now what does it mean? It simply mean that you have to revise and give more stress to Modern Physics as it has only 1 “+”.

Detection of Strong and Weak Subjects

Note: Try to have one "+" in all the chapters. The chapters with more “+” is now your strongest chapter...and always try to attend the question from this chapters first then from the chapter having less +

So it also tells you which subjects you have revised more.....your strong and weak subjects.

Time Management is Important

Now time management is in your hand.....Because none of the experts are familiar with your coaching time...the time when you eat and the time when you asking for the time table to study or the time table to revise is not advisable. But you can refer this sample timetable which can be used by anyone by making slight modification to suit your needs

Manage your time by yourself....If due to some problem you spend two three hours in fun then adjust it on holiday or on some other day.

If you have any query about how to use this plan just post a comment below


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