IISER 2016 Sample Papers

Dec. 11, 2015 content.teams

The Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research (IISER) conducts an entrance exam for admissions to the Integrated BS-MS dual degree programmes during the month of July every year. With just a limited number of seats available to the five-year BS-MS Dual Degree Program offered at the IISERs, the entrance exam of the Institute is known to be notoriously competitive. It is imperative, therefore, that candidates regularly revise and practice problems and concepts in order to crack the entrance exam successfully. Candidates can prepare better for the entrance exam using the IISER 2016 Sample Papers. The sample papers will acquaint candidates with the structure and format of the test.

The IISER Sample Papers can be downloaded online. Typically, the entrance exam will comprise of questions in the multiple choice format from four subjects viz., Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. Once candidates are thorough with most of the concepts being tested in the IISER Entrance Exam, they can proceed to solve the sample papers. Here are some of the advantages of attempting to solve the sample papers of IISER 2016:

  • By attempting to solve the sample papers on a regular basis, candidates will be able to identify the topics that they have mastered and the topics in which they are still lagging. They can then direct their efforts to improve in these areas.
  • Solving the IISER Sample Papers 2016 is also a good way for candidates to get an immediate feedback of their performance and make any corrective efforts in their study if required.
  • The sample papers of IISER will also help in stimulating revision and learning. It will help reinforce various topics and concepts.
  • By solving the test papers under actual exam conditions, candidates can also get accustomed to answering the different types of test questions and pacing themselves accordingly.

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