Interview with an IITian - AIR 1 in IITJEE 2007

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Koffee with Achin Bansal...

Achin Bansal gave an exclusive interview to ""

1. When did you start preparing for IITJEE ?

I preferred Math’s over Biology. Therefore, chose Engineering and if you want to become a good engineer then why not do it from the best institute.

2. For what other exams did you appear and what were your ranks in these exams ?

  • IITJEE – AIR 1
  • AIEEE – AIR 47

3.  How many hours did you study ?

I never counted hours. I used to set my target for the day during revision and tried to achieve them.

4.  How’s your life @ IIT? Please describe the daily scenario.

First year was a kind of relaxation time after the 2 years of JEE preparations. I explored many things. I have been representing my hostel in fine arts for two years now. Tried dancing too and learnt to play many different games.

5. Which books did you follow during your preparations?


  • HC Verma
  • Irodov



  • JD Lee
  • Solomen
  • Morrison and Boyd
  • RC Mukherjee
  • P Bahadur



  • Prelipko
  • SL Loney
  • Hall and Knight
  • Berman

6. What advice would you like to give to the future aspirants?

Give your best to the exam but don't get disappointed if you are not selected

It’s not the end of life. Never give up


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