Interview with an IITian [AIR 156 in IITJEE 2009]

Jan. 11, 2010 content.teams

Koffee with Dipendra Mishra...


1. When did you start preparing for IITJEE 2009?

I loved tools from childhood and medical and Management is Yuck to me. Engineering is cool and of course IIT is great. So all these factors motivated me to prepare for IITJEE from class 11th although I was inspired to crack JEE in STD 9th itself!

2. For what other exams did you appear and what were your ranks in these exams?

  • IITJEE - AIR 156 in General category.
  • AIEEE- 340
  • State Exam (UPTU) – 450

3. How many hours did you study?

I am not sure about this, but the bad thing about me is that I am very moody. Suppose I HAVE to study a theorem in the evening but I don’t want to study at that time, I leave it. But yes I was consistent and I studied on an average for 3 hours a day.

My day during preparations looked like...

  • 3 Hours – Self Study
  • 8 hours – School
  • 3 hours- House Coaching
  • 1 hour- Travelling between coaching
  • 7 Hour – sleep
  • 2 hour- Miscellaneous

4. How’s your life @ IIT? Please describe the daily scenario.

On the whole its great to be here but I don’t like the number hungry environment here. Anything new? Yaa It seems that I am repeating Aamir Khan of 3 Idiots. Its a chance of a lifetime to be in an IIT.

5. Which books did you follow during your preparations?

Physics: HC Verma

Chemistry: Teachers notes

Maths: Arihant series and TMH

6. What advice would you like to give to the future aspirants?

Simple. "Study for study's sake". Aim for the final point not the intermediate point. I mean What after IIT? Go to MIT then become like Bill Gates. Study for the sake of studying.

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