Is Coaching Really Necessary to Crack IITJEE ?

Jan. 6, 2010 content.teams

Every year lakhs of students answer IITJEE to get into prestigious institutes of the country, ' The IITs '.

Many say that Coaching is necessary to crack JEE since you need to be prepared for that HIGH level and competition.

The answer to the above question is " NO"

Coaching isn't necessary to crack JEE.

Whats the Benefit of joining Coaching Classes?

The benefit of joining coaching classes is that you are forced to perform hard and you have to face the cut-throat competition in advance.

But if you have the courage to withstand the pressure of IIT JEE, then self-study is best for you.

Fact: - IITJEE 2005 topper, Piyush Srivastava never took coaching and was able to get AIR 1 in IIT JEE as well as AIEEE.

Coaching classes try to keep the students focused towards studies and when your chips are down they try to motivate you.

Self Study Needs Loads of Dedication and Spirit...

Self study needs a lot of dedication and spirit to perform

If you have the determination to crack JEE, then by studying regular books for PCM you can surely crack it

“Without coaching its impossible” It’s all myth.

IITJEE requires Determination, never give up attitude, loving your subjects and of course motivation.

Please answer my question guys…

Is Coaching Really Necessary???

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