JEE Advanced Topper Interview (AIR 4) - Shafil Maheen Scores 331/366

June 12, 2017 bitupan

JEE Advanced Topper Interview AIR 4 Shafil Maheen from Rays Public School, Kozhikode secured All India Rank (AIR) 4, in JEE Advanced 2017 scoring 331 marks out of 366. He also is AIR 1 in the OBC-NCL category. Just like his role model Carl Friedrich Gauss, Shafil also wants to become a Mathematician and wants to pursue B.Sc. In Mathematics from IISc Bangalore. As per few newspaper reports, from the state of Kerala, around 7 students were among the top 1000 rank holders, and Shafil Maheen tops the list. A couple of years ago, Shafil’s parents, Niyazi and Dr. Shamgida moved to Kozhikode from Tirur, to make sure that he gets the best education and coaching for JEE Main and Advanced. Entrance Corner had a telephonic interview with Shafil Maheen, where he talked about his preparation strategy, his hobbies, etc. Read here the exclusive interview of Shafil Maheen, JEE Advanced AIR 4 (OBC-NCL: AIR 1) and JEE Main AIR 8.


Entrance Corner: With such spectacular performance in JEE Advanced 2017, how is the celebration going on?

Shafil Maheen: I love to play “Company of Heroes 2” a computer game. So I am celebrating my success by playing games on my Computer.

Entrance Corner: How did you prepare for JEE Advanced 2017? What were your strategy and daily routine for the test?

Shafil Maheen: During my preparation days, I woke up at 6:00 am and started studying for the whole day. Between my study time, I used to take a break of 1-hour only. By 11 pm, I went to bed to start my next day early.

Entrance Corner: According to you, which was the easiest and toughest subjects in JEE Advanced 2017?

Shafil Maheen: Since I am much comfortable with numbers, I found Mathematics to be the easiest. For me, the questions on Physics were tricky and tough.

Entrance Corner: Did you go for any coaching classes for JEE Advanced 2017 preparation?

Shafil Maheen: Rays Public School, from where I completed my Class 11 and 12, also provided coaching classes for JEE Main and JEE Advanced.

Entrance Corner: What were the factors behind your amazing performance in JEE Advanced 2017?

Shafil Maheen: I would like to thank my parents for their support. Earlier, we lived in Tirur, but just for my studies, we shifted to Kozhikode. Also, my teachers helped me a lot in keeping a track of my progress by conducting regular mock tests.

Entrance Corner: What are your hobbies and interests?

Shafil Maheen: I love to study books on Chemistry and Mathematics and try solving the problems. And I love to play Company of Heroes 2, a computer game.

Entrance Corner: Who is your biggest role model?

Shafil Maheen: I want to be a Mathematician and I am a fan of Carl Friedrich Gauss, the famous German Mathematician. He is my biggest role model.

Entrance Corner: Any advice from you to the JEE Advanced aspirants?

Shafil Maheen: Every aspirant must be dedicated and work hard for this test. The easiest way to score a higher rank in JEE Main and JEE Advanced is to work hard.

Entrance Corner: What are your future plans?

Shafil Maheen: I want to complete my Bachelors in Mathematics from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Later, I would like to do my Ph.D. from IISc or from a well reputed foreign University.

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