JEE Main 2017 Topper Anany Sharma (AIR 10) – The Indore Boy who Secured AIR 10

April 28, 2017 Isha

JEE Main 2017 Topper Anany SharmaIndore boy, Anany Sharma has cracked JEE Main 2017 exam securing All India Rank 10. Anany, a keen follower of football and cricket, wants to study Computer Science in IIT Bombay. In his journey to JEE Main exam preparation, he mainly relied on self-study and used NCERT books. Anany’s father is a doctor but he was always passionate about engineering and his exam results also reflect the same. Entrance Corner contacted him via phone and congratulated him for his outstanding performance in the exam. We asked him about different aspects of JEE Main exam, preparation strategy, and time management. Read the complete interview of Anany Sharma (AIR 10) on this page.

Entrance Corner: Congratulations on your success in JEE Main 2017 on behalf of my whole team. What were your expectations from the result and how did you react after knowing your rank?

Anany: I was very confident about my performance and had no doubt that I will be able to crack the exam. I was elated upon knowing my rank. I’m now focusing on JEE Advanced exam with the same zeal.

Entrance Corner: Tell us more about yourself.

Anany: I have done my schooling from Shishukunj International School affiliated to CBSE. I belong to Indore and my father is a doctor.

Entrance Corner: What was the beginning point of your preparation for JEE Main? Tell us about your road map to preparation.

Anany: I have been preparing for JEE Main since class 9. In my view, NCERT books are the best preparation materials one can refer to. I studied the NCERT books first before moving to something else.

Entrance Corner: What according to you was the difficulty level of the exam? Which section was the easiest and which was the toughest?

Anany: I appeared for the online exam. The reason being, last year the offline exam was scheduled just one day after the Class 12th Psychology exam. I thought that the same might happen this year too. According to me, the questions were easy to attempt if someone has prepared well. I would rate physics section as the easiest followed by chemistry. Maths was the toughest.

Entrance Corner: Did you attend coaching classes? In your view how important are coaching classes for an aspirant preparing for JEE Main?

Anany: I have taken coaching from Allen Career Institute. According to me self study with NCERT is enough to crack the exam but if anyone wishes to cross the 300 mark he/should take the help of coaching classes for that extra edge.

Entrance Corner: Did you practice from mock tests/sample papers? According to you how important are they for JEE Main preparation?

Anany: I did not practice from any sample papers on my own but practiced from the ones provided by my coaching institute. According to me, sample papers are good for practice. They also give an idea about the paper pattern and difficulty level.

Entrance Corner: What was your strategy for time management ? How did you strike a balance between preparation of 12th boards and JEE Main?

Anany: I focused more on preparing for JEE Main because the preparation was also benefiting me with my subjects in 12th. I prepared for board exams only during the designated study leave between the subjects and rest i focused only on JEE Main 2017.

Entrance Corner: What were your thoughts before entering the exam hall? Did you have any exam taking strategy?

Anany: I was very confident with the Chemistry section and thought to attempt it first. Also, the questions in chemistry are very direct/short questions with very few concept application questions. Either you know the answer to the question or you don’t, there is no third option in between.

Entrance Corner: What are you aiming at in future?

Anany: I am now focusing on cracking JEE Advance and once through i want to study Computer Science in IIT Bombay.

Entrance Corner: What did you do to De-stress yourself in between the preparation? What are your hobbies and interests?

Anany: I like to play football and cricket and i used to play both the sports everyday to get a break from the strenuous preparation schedule.

Entrance Corner: Who is your role model? Did you thought of becoming a doctor like your father or were you always interested in engineering.

Anany: I look up to my Dad as a role model and a constant source of inspiration in my life. I have always been fascinated with engineering and never wished to take doctor as a career option.

Entrance Corner: What according to you are the key factors behind your success?

Anany: I never lost faith in myself and never stressed out under the pressure of preparation. I studied for 6-7 hours every day and mainly focused on self-study.

Entrance Corner: Do you have any advice for future JEE aspirants?

Anany: My advice would only come from my experience. I will recommend the aspirants to thoroughly study NCERT books and not get astray during their preparation. First complete NCERT books thoroughly and then practice as much as you can and further take reference from other study materials.

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