JEE Main 2017 Topper Kalpit Veerwal – The Udaipur boy who scored 360 out of 360 and bagged AIR 1!

April 27, 2017 content.teams

kalpitKalpit Veerwal, a Coldplay fan and a cricket enthusiast, has created history by scoring 100 percentile in JEE Main exam. He is the first candidate to score 360 out of 360. Kalpit, an Udaipur resident, credits his success to his parents and teachers who provided a lot of support during the preparation phase. In his own words, confidence, focus and hard work are the things that can help a student succeed in JEE Main exam. In this interview, Kalpit shares his success mantra and tells us about the preparation strategy that he followed during the preparation phase.

Entrance Corner: First of all, I would like to congratulate you on behalf of the entire Entrance Corner team. Kalpit: What was your first reaction when you got to know your rank?

Kalpit: I am very happy with my score. I never imagined that I will get the first rank in a highly-competitive exam like JEE Main. My parents and teachers are extremely happy with my performance.

Entrance Corner: Which school did you study in?

Kalpit: I studied from CBSE Board in MDS Public School, Udaipur.

Entrance Corner: Which mode of exam did you opt for – Online or Offline? And Why?Entrance Corner

Kalpit: I chose offline mode. In my coaching institute, I had practiced mock test papers in pen and paper mode. Therefore, I was more confident about it.

Entrance Corner: What is the reason for choosing engineering as your career? Which branch of engineering you want to study and why?

Kalpit: To be honest, I didn’t give it a lot of thought. I have a genuine interest in all the subjects and enjoy my studies. I didn’t study for high marks, but simply wanted to enhance my knowledge and understanding of the subjects. For guidance, I also joined coaching. As far as the engineering branch is concerned, I want to study Computer Science.

Entrance Corner: What was your preparation strategy for JEE Main?

Kalpit: I started preparing for the exam in 8th standard. However, as is the case with most students, my serious preparation started only in 11th standard. I made it a habit to study every day after school. I attended all my classess regularly and followed the advice of my teachers. I preferred studying in the morning.

Entrance Corner: How did you strike a balance between board exams and competitve exam? Was there any change in your prepraration strategy?

Kalpit: I didn’t ignore the board exam preprations. I revised the entire board syllabus first in November and then in February. During the last phase, I revised the entire syllabus from NCERT books.

Entrance Corner: Did you take any coaching? How important do you think coaching is for JEE Main exam?

Kalpit: Yes, I took coaching from Resonance Coaching Institute. It proved to be of great help while prepraring for JEE Main. The teachers were supportive and provided all the guidance I needed. They also answered all my queries.

Entrance Corner: Do you think mock tests and sample papers are useful for JEE exam preparations?

Kalpit: I took coaching for two years. The Institute organized mock tests every three weeks. I also practiced solving last year’s question paper.

Entrance Corner: Can you suggest any books for JEE Main prepration? Are there any specific books that helped you?

Kalpit: I studied from NCERT books and the study material given by my coaching institute. For 12th board exams too, I studied from NCERT books. I also referred to books from authors like HC Verma.

Entrance Corner: What are the obstacles that you faced while preparing for the exam? Which subject did you find easiest and which one was the most difficult?

Kalpit: I enjoyed studying all the subjects so I didn’t really find any subject difficult. Moreover, my teachers were really supportive and provided me all the guidance I needed.

Entrance Corner: Who would you like to give credit for your success?

Kalpit: I want to thank my family, school principal and teachers. Without their support, I would not have achieved this success.

Entrance Corner: What are you hobbies and interests?

Kalpit: I enjoy listening to music, playing cricket and badminton. Coldplay is my favorite rock band.

Entrance Corner: Do you have any role model? Who do you admire the most?

Kalpit: I don’t have any particular role model. I admire and respect my parents and teachers a lot.

Entrance Corner: Finally, would you like to give any advice to future JEE aspirants?

Kalpit: I think confidence, focus and hard work are the three most important things that can help a student succeed in the exam. Regular study is very important. Also, one should strictly follow the advice of teachers. I would also like to say that even if you don’t succeed, it’s not the end of road. There are several other options that one can explore.

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