JEE Main 2017 Topper: Vishwajeet Agarwal secures AIR 5

April 28, 2017 priyamdave04

vishwajeet-agarwalVishwajeet Agrawal, who secured AIR 5 in JEE Main 2017, experienced joy and happiness after the announcement of the JEE Main 2017 result on April 27. Vishwajeet, who studied in Bhagat Public School, Kota, is interested in Mathematics and is planning to opt for Computer Science Engineering from IITs. He believes that for success in JEE Main, self-confidence and conceptual clarity is important. He is a big fan of Cricket and likes to listen Brahmakumari teachings. In an interview with Entrance Corner, Vishwajeet shared his experience about JEE Main 2017 preparation and success mantra.

Entrance Corner: First of all, I would like to congratulate you on behalf of the entire Entrance Corner team. What was your first reaction when you got to know your rank?

Vishwajeet: I was happy to know my rank. It is a proud moment. It is a good feeling to know that hard word always pays.

Entrance Corner: Tell me something about yourself? From which school you did your class XII?

Vishwajeet: I belong to Uttar Pradesh and shifted to Kota in Class XI for JEE Main coaching. I have studied from Bhagat Public School, Kota from CBSE board.

Entrance Corner: When did you start preparing for JEE Main 2017? Tell us about you preparation startegy?

Vishwajeet: I started JEE Main preparation in Class XI. I didn’t follow a fixed schedule. Most of the time, I preferred studying in the afternoon and evening.

Entrance Corner: Did you appear for JEE Main offline or online test? What was the reason for your choice?

Vishwajeet: I appeared for offline test. I was more comfortable in offline mode. As I have never taken an online test before, I was doubtful about appearing for JEE Main in online mode.

Entrance Corner: Did you take any coaching? Do you think coaching is helpful in JEE Main preparation?

Vishwajeet: I took my coaching from Resonance, Kota. Usually, the homework given by teachers used to bother me, but, later on, everything fell in place. As per my opinion, coaching is important when you are appearing for a big exam like JEE Main. You can practice Mathematics by your own, but for Chemistry, you need the guidance of teachers.

Entrance Corner: How did you manage your time? Was that difficult to strike a balance between board exams and JEE Main preparations?

Vishwajeet: It was not tough to prepare for boards and JEE Main preparations. Preaprations for both were same, as the syllabus was same. In JEE Main, the maximum questions were from NCERT. Even in boards, the question were covered from NCERT. I never had to plan anything different to prepare for both the exams.

Entrance Corner: Why do you want to study engineering? When did you decide to study engineering? Which branch are you interested in and Why?

Vishwajeet: I always had an inclination towards logical subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Therefore, I decided to study engineering in class VIII itself. I will opt for Computer Science Engineering, as it includes Mathematics. Mathematics is my favourite subject, so I will choose a branch which will allow me to pursue my passion and Computer Science suits this purpose.

Entrance Corner: Are there any special books that you think have helped with your JEE Main preparation. Are the school text books are adequate for preparing for JEE Main?

Vishwajeet: For Physics and Chemistry, NCERT books were enough to prepare for JEE Main. Mathematics has some standard books like S.L. Loney, which can used for reference.

Entrance Corner: What do you think are the key factors behind your success in JEE Main?

Vishwajeet: Self-confidence and clarity of concepts are the two factors which helped me crack JEE Main exam. With conceptual clarity I mean mapping of concepts in mind in such a way that whatever questions are asked you can answer them without any doubt.

Entrance Corner: How did you de-stress yourself during the preparation phase? What are your hobbies? How often can you pursue them?

Vishwajeet: I often listen Brahmakumari’s teachings. I feel refreshed after visitng their centre. To freshen my mood, I used to go play cricket with my friends.

Entrance Corner: Who is your role model and biggest inspiration for life and why?

Vishwajeet: I do not have any role model but I strongly believe in teaching of Brahmakumaris. Their teachings have helped me in many ways.

Entrance Corner: Would you like to give any advice to future JEE aspirants?

Vishwajeet: I believe self-confidence is the first and foremost thing that everyone needs to succeed. I have the opinion that you should always work on improving yourself and never compare yourself with others.

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