JEE Main Answer Key 2015

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Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) maintains transparency by issuing answer key for JEE Main exam. Candidates may use it to predict their scores, even before the announcement of official result. Board will issue JEE Main answer key within a week after the exam date. To know, how to use it read below.

JEE Main Answer Key

Every year, board uploads a file, on the official website, which contains solutions to all the questions of JEE Main exam. This file is called as answer key. It will be issued on the official website only and candidates will be able to download it easily, in pdf format.

Steps to download JEE Main answer key, are given below:

  • Candidates will first have to visit the official website of JEE Main
  • There candidates must seek appropriate link for “JEE Main answer key”
  • Then candidates will have check the paper code and download answer key for correct question paper

To download key, issued by various coaching Institutes, candidates will have to visit the website of those Institutes. Rest of the procedure will be the same as above.

JEE Main Answer Key - Utilization

Once the correct answer key is downloaded, candidates may start calculating their scores. To do so, candidates will require paper pattern, specially the marking scheme. Candidates will have to match their answer with the answers in the key. For each correct response, marks should be allotted. On the other hand, as per negative marking marks must be deducted, for incorrectly marked answers.

When the entire adding and subtracting procedure will end, candidates will be left with their predicted marks in the exam. Candidates may also use these predicted score to know their All India Rank. For the same, they will have to insert predicted scores in JEE Main Rank Predictor, and the tool will automatically calculate aspirant’s AIR.

JEE Main Answer Key - Points to Know

  • Candidates may use official or unofficial answer key to estimate their scores in exam but these estimated marks should not be treated as final scores.
  • Unofficial answer key will be issued earlier than the official key but it will not be as appropriate and accurate as the official one.
  • Also, unofficial key might not be contain solutions to all the questions and the published answers might be in random order. However, official answer key will contain answers to all the questions and in order.
  • Candidates should use as many key, as possible, to predict their scores.

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