JEE Main 2017 Exam Day Guidelines

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JEE Main 2017 Exam Day Guidelines
JEE Main 2017 Exam Day Guidelines - The Joint entrance examination (JEE) Main commonly referred JEE Main is scheduled to be held on April 02 in two sessions. The morning session of JEE Main 2017 will be for B.E/B.Tech programmes while forenoon session will be for B.Arch/B.Planning. Whereas, the computer-based test of JEE Main 2017 is scheduled to be conducted on April 08 and 09. JEE Main 2017 will be conducted across 113 centres across the country and abroad. With just a few days left for the exam, it is very crucial for the aspirants to go through the exam day guidelines as prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Candidates are advised to follow the instructions as provided in JEE Main 2017 exam day guidelines to avoid any chaos or confusion on the examination day. Experts say that systematic approach while attempting JEE Main 2017 exam will help them perform better and score good marks in the exam.

In this article, 'Entrance corner' brings you exam day guidelines that will help you prepare yourself for the D-day.


1. Entry opens at 07:00 am and closes at 09:30 am

Candidates are advised to reach their designated Main 2017 exam centres two and half hours in advance so to complete of pre-examination formalities on time. The entry to examination hall will begin at 7:00 am. The JEE Main 2017 Paper I in the offline mode will start from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. The JEE Main 2017 paper I will be for candidates who have applied for B.E/B.Tech programmes. The paper II of JEE Main 2017 will be for B.Arch/B.Planning to be conducted in forenoon session beginning from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Candidates will be frisked by a metal detector before entering the exam centre. Therefore, to avoid rush at the time of frisking, candidates are advised to report 2 hours 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the examination.

Time Schedule for JEE Main 2017

The time schedule for both the online and offline mode of JEE Main 2017 is given below:

For Pen and Paper based examination- April 02, 2017

S.No. JEE Main 2017 Exam Events Paper I Exam Time Paper II Exam Time
1. Entry in the examination centre 7:00 am 1:00 pm
2. Entry in the examination hall 9:00 am 1:30 pm
3. Distribution of JEE main 2017 test booklet 9:20 am 1:50 pm
4. Seal of the test booklet to be broken/opened to take out the answer sheet 9:25 am 1:55 pm
5. Last entry in the examination hall 9:30 am 2:00 pm
6. Commencement of test 9:30 am 2:00 pm
7. Test concludes 12:30 pm 5:00 pm

For Computer-based JEE Main 2017 exam - April 08 and 09, 2017

S.No. JEE Main 2017 Exam Events Morning Session Forenoon Session (If required)
1. Entry in the examination centre 7:00 am 1:00 pm
2. Entry in the examination hall 9:00 am 1:30 pm
3. Last entry in the examination hall 9:30 am 2:00 pm
4. Commencement of test 9:30 am 2:00 pm
5. Test concludes 12:30 pm 5:00 pm

2. Items to be carried on JEE Main 2017 to exam centre

Candidates have to carry the following materials with them to the JEE Main 2017 exam:

  • Admit card of JEE Main 2017- Candidates must carry their JEE Main 2017 admit card with them on the exam day. Without the valid admit card candidates will not be allowed to enter the examination hall. Candidates are advised to cross verify all the details in JEE Main 2017 admit card at the time of downloading and in case of discrepancy they must rectify it. Candidates have to show the admit card on demand for admission in the examination hall. Without the possession of the admit card, no student will be allowed to sit for the examination.
  • Identity Proof- Although there is no information regarding carrying of identity proof mentioned in information brochure or instructions provided in JEE main admit card yet candidates are advised to keep a copy of identity proof to avoid any chaos. Only those candidates who have applied under PwD quota are advised to bring their disability certificate along with the admit card.
  • Stationary items are allowed for only JEE Main 2017 Paper II - Candidates appearing for Paper II of JEE Main 2017 must carry geometry box set, pencils, erasers and colour pencils or crayons along with them to the JEE Main 2017 exam centre.
  • Cardboard/ Clipboard- Candidates appearing for JEE Main in the offline mode are advised to carry a cardboard or a clip board to avoid any difficulty while filling responses in the OMR response sheet. However, candidates must ensure that nothing is written on it.

3. Items not allowed in JEE Main 2017

Candidates are advised not to carry any baggage to the exam centre. As per the officials, no arrangement will be made at the centres for keeping any article/item/mobile/purse etc. of the candidates. Also, if any candidate is found to be in possession of the following items, he/she will be debarred from the examination.

  • Wrist watch: Candidates must not carry any types of watches with them on JEE Main 2017 exam day. “All the examination hall/rooms will have wall clock so the candidates wear or carry any type of watch in the examination hall” as said by CBSE in examination instruction provided in admit card.
  • Stationary items- Textual material, bits of papers, printed or written material, pen, pencil, docu pen, slide rules, log tables
  • Electronic Devices- Mobile phones, camera, bluetooth devices, earphones, pager, microphones, Electronic watches with facilities of calculator etc.
  • Other items- Handbags, wallet, goggles, eatables (Tea, coffee, cold drinks or snacks) etc.

4. JEE Main 2017 question booklet & OMR sheet
- How to handle answer sheet
Candidates appearing for JEE Main 2017 in the offline mode must keep a note about the following points about the JEE Main 2017 OMR sheet

  • Ten minutes prior to the commencement of the exam, candidates will be given sealed test booklet with an answer sheet placed inside it
  • After receiving the test booklet, candidates have to fill in the required particulars on the cover page of the test booklet with blue/black ball point pen.
  • Five minutes before the commencement of the paper, candidates will be asked to open the seal of the test booklet. The answer sheet will be inside the booklet.
  • The candidates should also verify the serial number and series of the Test Booklet with the serial number and series of OMR sheet. In case of any variation, the Test Booklet and OMR sheet should be immediately returned to the invigilator for the replacement
  • Candidates must ensure to write particulars with blue/black ball point pen on both the sides of the answer sheet.
  • Candidates must not remove any pages from the test booklet. Candidates found involved in such act will be liable for criminal action

5. How to mark response in JEE Main 2017 OMR answer sheet?

While marking response in the OMR sheet, candidates must keep the following points in mind:

  • Out of the four alternatives for each question, candidates must darken only one circle for the correct answer.
  • Candidates must use blue/black ball point pen to mark their responses in the answer booklet. The marked responses should be dark and completely fill the circle. Use of pencil in marking the response is strictly prohibited.
  • A lightly or faintly darkened circle will be considered as a wrong method of marking and it will be rejected by the optical scanner during the evaluation process.
  • Candidates must be careful at the time of marking the response as once marked, it cannot be changed. Also, the use of eraser or whitener on the answer sheet is not permissible.
  • Candidates are not allowed to do any rough work on the answer sheet. The rough work must be done in the test booklet.

6. Check question paper medium

Candidates appearing for JEE Main 2017 must check the medium of paper provided to them as per the language chosen by them at the time of applying. If the question paper is in a language other than the medium selected by the candidates, it should immediately be brought to the notice of the invigilator.

7. Occupy the allotted seat

At the exam centre, candidates will be allocated a seat indicating their roll numbers. Candidates must only occupy the seat allotted to them. If any student is found to have changed the room or the seat, he/she will be debarred from the examination.

JEE Main 2017 Paper attempting strategy

In order to perform well in exam candidates must have a strategy to attempt the questions booklet. A planned approach towards examination will help candidates in time management and handling exam pressure.

1. Choose the right questions for answering- As per the exam pattern of JEE Main 2017, each correct response contain 4 marks while an incorrect answer will lead to the deduction of 1 mark. Therefore, to avoid negative marking, candidates must only mark the response to the questions they are confident about. If candidates are not sure about the correct answer, they should leave out that particular question and move towards the next question.

2. Time Management- One of the most important factors to keep in check by the students is time management. The duration to complete the JEE Main paper is 3 hours. Candidates have to attempt all the questions within that time frame. As per the experts and JEE Main toppers candidates should not waste much time on a particular question. Candidates should divide time among sections as per their strength and weakness of subjects and topics.

3. Keep calm and give your best - A positive attitude is one of the major keys to perform better. Therefore, on the examination day, candidates must keep their temperament to reduce the exam pressure which will help candidates to maintain their concentration throughout the examination.

Do’s and Don’ts for JEE Main 2017

Do’s and Don’ts
To avoid any sort of hassle or last minute trouble on the examination day, candidates are advised to check the Do’s and Don’ts listed below to ace the examination

Do’s and Don’ts before JEE Main 2017 exam day

Do’s before JEE Main 2017 exam day Don’ts before JEE Main 2017 exam day
Check the JEE Main centre one day prior to the examination to avoid any last minute rush Do not be nervous or impatient
Revise the major formulas and short notes Do not start new chapters or topics
Get proper sleep of 7-8 hours Do not be sleep deprived or oversleep
Follow the guidelines related to the materials to be carried to the exam centre Do not carry debarred items mentioned above to the examination centre

Do’s and Don’ts during JEE Main 2017 Exam Day

Do’s during JEE Main 2017 exam day Don’ts during JEE Main 2017 exam day
Read all the instructions carefully mentioned in the question paper of JEE Main Do not be in a rush while reading the instructions
Fill all the details such as name, roll number etc. correctly in the test booklet and answer sheet Do not attempt unsure questions. If the marked response is incorrect it will lead to negative marking
Attempt easy questions/section first Don’t waste too much time on one question.
Double check before marking the answers in the OMR sheet of JEE Main Do not panic and be calm and composed

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