JEE Main 2015 Paper Analysis By Various Institutes

April 5, 2015 content.teams

On 4 April 2015, almost 10 lakh candidates took JEE Main 2015. As per the report the paper was comparatively easier. However, entrants find few sections very tricky. Below, in this article, we have given link for JEE Main 2015 Paper Analysis by Various Institutes. Candidates who will write the exam on 10 and 11 April are advised to check these analysis. It will provide an idea of how the exam might be, this year.

These solutions are prepared by experts, who have been studying and analyzing JEE Main for over a decade. The analysis by each institute varies minutely but on the surface level the analysis is, as below:

  • There were three sections of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics
  • Each section had 30 questions of 4 marks each.
  • The toughest section was of Physics, as questions were slightly mind bending.
  • Mathematics section was neither tough nor difficult.
  • Unexpectedly, Chemistry section was the easiest
  • In physics and chemistry higher percentage of questions were from class XII syllabus. While in
  • Mathematics most of the questions were form class XI topics.
  • No question was out of syllabus and basically covered, esp in Mathematics, NCERT and R.D Sharma
  • In comparison to 2014, paper this year was easy

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