JEE Main 2015 Video Solutions by Various Institutes

April 5, 2015 content.teams

After JEE Main 2015 (Offline), on 4 April 2015, various private coaching institutes have issued answer key and video solutions for it. Answer key is a file which contained solutions to all the questions of the exam. Whereas, the video solution is a step ahead. In these videos, experts are solving each questions step by step. It is a fantastic example of how technology is evolving education system and is making it more accessible. From the links below, candidates can check JEE Main Video Solutions by Various Institutes.

JEE Main 2015 Video Solution - Importance

While the answer key enables candidates to check the correct answer and estimate score. The video solution helps in understanding where candidates went wrong while solving the question.
Also, the presenter of the video are educationalist, who are masters of their field. They will explain numerous tricks and ways to solve questions differently and easily.
Candidates who have written the exam can learn a lot from these videos and can prepare more efficiently for other entrance examination. Whereas, candidates who will write JEE Main 2015 on 10 and 11 April can understand the question paper and solutions for reference.

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