Just 3 Months to Go - A Very Inspiring and a Motivating Poem

Jan. 10, 2010 content.teams

Here I present you an inspiring poem written by Divya Sitani who is an  IITJEE 2010 aspirant...I'm Sure Success Can't Stay Far Behind by Divya Sitani

Just 3 months to go,

For the final show.
Either I successfully qualify
or will have to give it another try.
But I don’t believe in 2nd chances in life,
so would have to toil, struggle and strive.

No time for lethargy,
I have to be at the peak of my energy.

No time for any folly or mistake,
lest my impregnable dreams would be at stake.

No time for excuses or reasons,
faults need to accepted and corrected
else it would be self treason.

No time for any unworthy pursuit
single minded hardwork is needed for the sweeter fruit.

No time for any imperfection,
all I need to do is self correction.

All strengths channelized and weaknesses behind bars,
proper usage of all my seconds, minutes and hours.

If I give my best,
it'll be an appropriate reply
to those by whom my skill and genius was doubted and put to test.
They'll be discouraged for any such future try.

All my previous losses would be pardoned,
of happiness and joy my life would become a perfect blend.

My Mother's prayers would be answered right.
With the sunlight of my victory her days would shine bright.

I believe in myself and my God
I know on IIT's campus I will trod

All I need to do is,
work hard with sincere dedication,
accomplish all my tasks with passion & devotion,
be disciplined and determined,

Hence, I’m sure success can't stay far behind.

By Divya Sitani...


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