KEAM Answer Key 2015

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All the aspects of KEAM exam are carried out by Commissionerate of Entrance Examinations (CEE). It even issued KEAM answer key, for candidates, to maintain transparency. However, this is not the only function of answer key. It can also be used to estimate scores, in the exam. To know how, read below.

KEAM 2015 Answer Key - Download Here

KEAM Answer Key

Answer key is a file which contains all the answers to the questions, in an exam. KEAM answer key will contain all the correct options for each and every question in exam. For the exam it will be issued by the official, as well as, unofficial authority.

Official answer key is the most appropriate source to predict scores, candidates may download it by following the steps below.

  • To attain it, candidates will have to visit the official website, of the exam.
  • There, candidates must navigate link for KEAM answer key.
  • Once link is found, it will lead candidates to answerkey’s portal
  • Candidates will have to download, key for appropriate set and paper and save it properly.

Candidates must pay attention while downloading answer key. KEAM has six papers under it. Three for engineering and three for medical. Both medical and engineering set contains physics-chemistry paper. So, while downloading the answer key, candidates must be cautious, and should download the answer key for required paper and set.

Unofficial answer key will be issued by private coaching institute. Candidates will be able to download it from the official website of these institutes. The steps to download answer key will be the same as above.

Official KEAM Answer Key - Usage

Once the correct answer key is downloaded, candidates may use it to predict their scores. To do so, candidates will have to match their answer with that in answer key. For correct answer, candidates must award themselves. Whereas, for wrong answers, marks must be deducted. Both, allotment and deduction of marks should be done according to the marking scheme of the exam.

When the entire adding and deducting procedure will end, candidates will know their estimated marks.

With the help of answer key, candidates may predict their their rank as well. Rank predictor is a tool which estimates the rank of candidates. It will be available after the issuance of answer key and candidates will be able to avail to it online. To predict rank, candidates just need to insert estimated marks in it and it will automatically predict the rank of the candidates.

KEAM Answer Key - Official Vs. Unofficial

Problem with the official answer key is that it will issue very late. Before it, unofficial key is released. However, candidates should remember that unofficial answer may contain wrong answers. Also, it might or might not be issued for all the papers and many a times, answer are disarrayed. All of these factors make unofficial answer key, an unreliable to predict scores.

So, it is advised that candidates use both official, as well as unofficial answer key, to predict their scores, in the exam.

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