KVPY Preparation Tips and Tricks

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KVPY Preparation TipsKVPY (Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana) is a highly competitive examination which draws attention of millions of young brilliant students. It is an exam, which is conducted to grant fellowship/scholarship in Basic Sciences to qualified candidates. It is conducted by IISc, on behalf of Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. Only a strong and planned strategy can help you to crack the exam and ensure final selection. For all those aspirants with high hopes in their eyes, we have compiled various KVPY Preparation Tips & Tricks, so that you can prepare for the examination in the most effective manner. Here are top 10 tips which are highly beneficial from exam perspective and otherwise.

1. Combining Preparation with Regular Study

As the questions in the exam are based on the syllabus of regular class X/XI/XII studies, you can combine regular study with exam preparation without any special efforts. You must be clear in perception and able to draw the similarities in them. There is no prescribed syllabus for KVPY written exam and candidates are suggested to refer to the syllabus of their qualifying examination. Understanding and analytical ability of factual knowledge is tested in the written examination. You can refer to the syllabus at regular intervals and see how many topics are covered and how many are left. Syllabus should always be referred after you have read exam pattern because it would also tell you which topics are important from exam perspective.

2. Taking Note on Strengths and Improving Weaknesses

Before starting preparation for the exam, assess yourself and check with your strengths and weaknesses. You must know your preparation level for the exam. The best method for this purpose is to take some old question papers of KVPY and solve them. Then you can analyze how well prepared you are for the exam and where do you need to work upon. It would also help you to know in which sections are you lagging or leading. You can focus on your problem areas and improve them. With the time remaining, you can start studying accordingly. Your strengths would give you the confidence and power to improve your weaknesses. It is important not to lose hope because it would eventually lead to irreversible damage in the long run.

3. Referring NCERT Text Books as Study Material

You are suggested to refer to NCERT text books as they are the best source of reading fundamental concepts on which the questions would be asked in the examination. The candidates who have read NCERT books and cleared basic concepts can easily solve questions. Some of the examinations specifically refer to the NCERT syllabus in order to compose questions for the examination. They are considered to be the best books due to simple language and easy comprehension. You can buy NCERT books either online or from local bookshops. Some NCERT books also mention recommended reference books which can be used by the candidates if they are failing to understand a particular concept in a particular subject.

4. Planning Time and Utilization in Efficient Manner

KVPY would be held on 1st November 2016 and hence you would have ample time after the academic session examination is over. You can prepare for various competitive examinations in this period and attempt most of them efficiently. Since the notification is rolled out in July, you would get around 4 months to brush up the concepts and prepare accordingly. You can create a plan in which you can also take into account of your current academic studies in your KVPY preparation plan. It would also help you to focus on what’s important and cut on all the other references. KVPY Exam is a parameter of candidate’s intelligence and not cramming power thus you are advised to stick to the best and few books which would give you benefits in the long run.

5. Practice and Revision for Effective Preparation

It is highly recommended to revise the topics and syllabus after you have completed studying all the subjects. Revision is a great manner to freshen up and revoke the concepts. Make a habit of revision after completing syllabus of each subject. The daily routine revision would keep you updated and won’t let you forget the concepts. You would also feel a difference in speed and accuracy in the examination. In the last month of preparation, you can revise the class notes, important formulas, facts and key theories, and understand its applications. However, do not read new topics in the last few days of the examination. It would lead to confusion and chaos because you may come across some topics which you might have never heard before. Hence, stick to what you already know and practice it properly.

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6. Solving Question Bank and Trying Variety of Questions

You can solve question bank which comprises of questions of all varieties, difficulty level, and topics. You can solve the questions and get familiar with most of the questions that are generally asked in the examination. It would boost your confidence and enable you to solve more questions in lesser time. Question bank would contain questions from the latest pattern of the examination so you need to worry about questions in the bank being outdated. Some of the questions in the bank can come as it is in the final examination thus acting as bonus questions. Generally speaking, the bank should be combined with sample papers and mock tests in the preparation stage because all of them can be undertaken once you have completed your syllabus.

7. Making Use of Group Study and Clarifying Doubts

Group studies are often discouraged because students tend to waste time rather than utilizing it however it is not always true. You can exercise group study for better understanding of the concepts through dialog. It is quoted that anything spoken and revised orally tends to last longer than reading alone. You can make a group of 5-10 friends for regular practice and study. Each one of you can come up with 20-30 questions daily and try to solve them together. You can also ask your queries and get your doubts cleared in no time. Another benefit of group study is that all of you can come up with innovative shortcuts and hacks to solve a question in a lesser time than a conventional method needs. It would lead to improvement in efficiency.

8. Taking Care of Body Vitals and Sleeping Well a Day before the Exam

You are advised to go early to bed and get up early in the morning on the day of the KVPY exam. A sleep of 7 to 8 hours would refresh you and can improve efficiency in the examination. Avoiding sleep a day before the examination would only result into loss of stamina and sleepy behavior. You surely don’t want to lose in the exam and hence it is advised to take care of your body as soon as the preparation for the exam is started. You can eat healthy fruits and vegetables along with rich nutritious food. It is advised to induce physical exercises in your daily regime as a part of the fitness program. Don’t eat junk food because they slow down your metabolism and make you lazy. You can anytime munch on them, even though it is not advisable after your exams are over.

9. Taking Mock Tests and Solving Sample Papers

You are advised to take as many mock papers as possible. It would help you to know various features of the exam pattern as well as the difficulty level of the questions. Mock papers are designed exactly as per the exam pattern and hence possess same qualities when it comes to number and type of questions, marking scheme, difficulty level, structure and distribution of questions. It also helps you to find weak areas and focus on them accordingly. Last two weeks of the exam preparation must be exclusively focused on mock tests so that you get accustomed to giving your best shot in the time constrained environment. It would also help you to boost confidence and reduce nervousness. Mock tests can be solved in online as well as offline mode.

10. Staying Determined, Focused, and Calm In the Exam

You are highly advised to maintain your cool factor and be calm in the examination. Don’t get stressed and do not get worried of the judgment of others. Remember, it is your examination and only you know how well you are prepared. Give it your best and relax. If you get stressed, your performance would automatically get hampered. You can try breathing exercises for this purpose because it would help you maintain easiness. Avoid any sort of distraction in the exam or before it. Remember it is just a day’s fight but you have given your months in this preparation so giving your best shot is the only option you have. At the exam center, get your admit card checked and take your place where you are enrolled to sit. At this moment, just take deep breaths and start doing the exam as the bell rings. 

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