Last Minute Tips To Tackle IIT-JEE

Feb. 28, 2010 content.teams

Hi guys,

I hope everybody is going well with his/her preparations. The exams are just round the corner, with the big gun, JEE, to commence the battle.

I just want to advice you all, from my past experiences, regarding what to do in these coming days.

Study In Contrast :

First of all, do study in contrast with your exam timings. Like study from 9am-12pm, take a 2 hr break and then again from 2pm-5pm. Try to do more of question solving part in these 6 hrs, and do the theory portion the rest of the day. Avoid taking breaks in between.

Avoid Late Night studies

Don’t study till late night. Minimize spending time on other activities. Study hard the whole day and have a sound sleep in the night.

Solving Previous Year Papers is a MUST:

Start solving previous year papers, sample papers (from a reliable source only). First try to increase your accuracy, and gradually speed by trying to complete the paper in the permitted time limit.

Revision is Damn Important:

Do revise the mistakes you commit in these papers, and the concepts you forget, and other things a few days later, so that you don’t do the same mistakes again.

Just Be Confident :

If you are left to do any topic as yet, just start with it now. Don’t start any new topic a week or two before the exam.
Go to the examination hall with a cool and relaxed mind. Don’t think about what all is left, just be confident about what all you have done.

If Possible Take a Shower as Well:

The two hours break in between the exam is also very crucial. Don’t talk much to your friends during that period. NEVER EVER DISCUSS THE PAPER IN THAT TIME, you will get sufficient time later. Go to a quiet place and listen to some soft music. If possible, take a shower as well.


Control Your Curiosity After JEE :

After the JEE, don’t waste your time finding the solutions from different sources, calculating marks and estimating ranks. I very well know it’s very difficult to control your curiosity, but still don’t waste days in doing this. There is another big exam a week later.

Dont Leave the Books :

I know you will study less once big exams are over, but still don’t leave the books totally until all your exams finish off.

All Izz Well:

Last but the most important one : everything depends on your confidence, if you are confident enough to crack the JEE, then nobody can stop you from getting into an IIT and dont forget to say All Izz Well Just before your paper starts..

Good luck to all !



Vipul Bawa (IIT Roorkee Student )



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