Learning Comes in Different Styles Too

Jan. 3, 2013 content.teams

It may seem kind of awkward, the way the title appears in first read, but yes, there are various styles of learning too; though the word is not implying to any decorative purposes here. As far as stats go, there are three different types of learning styles – Visual, Auditory and Tactile / Kinesthetic Learning.

As the names suggest, the learning styles vary according to the ability of the students to learn effectively by employing either their hearing, visual or writing ability.

Going into their descriptions, one by one we have:

Visual Learners:

These are the learners with the preference towards the sources of learning which present the information in the form of written language format or any other visual format e.g. diagrams or pictures.

These learners learn the best when they are reading, watching or looking at graphical or visual demonstration of the information.

Therefore, these type of learners should prepare their notes with charts, graphics, maps and pictures. They can also go for using different type of colors to highlight the important lines of text. In order to enhance their learning rate, they can also go for visualizing the information as an image or picture. This will help them to retain the information for a longer time interval.

Are you a Visual Learner???

If you try to remember the information in the form of pictures or making a mental image; If you provide clear handouts, use the projectors extensively, do your best while the teacher is chalking out the things on the board, then yes, you are a Visual Learner.

Auditory Learner:

Then we have another type of learners who get the best grasp of the matter being learnt or information being presented in an auditory format. They find learning easier by hearing to the recordings of the lectures and can understand the concepts in the best way by hearing them.

Are you an Auditory Learner???

Do you learn best when someone dictates to you, or you grasp the information in the best way from the audio tapes or sometimes you just read out things aloud to remember them for longer time, then you are one of them.

Kinesthetic or Tactile Learner:

These learners are the ones who learn the best in an ‘Hands - On’ environment and physically manipulate things to learn them.

Are you one of them???

If you get better understanding after an actual physical simulation of concepts, does the lab sessions make you understand the basic concepts in a better way and you understand things the best when you have the actual object in your hands; then welcome to the category of Kinetic Learners.

These learners should type or write their revision notes and they have this habit of keeping their notes in hands while revising things instead of keeping them on table.

Though it may not seem important, to identify your learning style, but having a perfect understanding of your efficiencies and strengths will help you to exploit your mettle to the best possible extent and reap the best results.

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