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BIT is located in the Mesra village 14 kms from the main Ranchi town and 6 kms westward from the main highway. As the legend goes MESRA stands for Military Engineering Services Reserved Area (why I am calling it a legend is because no one has been able to confirm this with docs, but the seniors keep passing it batch after batch), so one can be rest assured that there is hardly any urbanization anywhere close to the campus.

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BIT has many things to offer to many students but almost all would agree that the one thing which BIT offers to all is the right setting for an academic place. Spread over nearly 800 acres one really has to go through the forests to reach the institute if he is going through the shortcuts.


Post monsoons one can spot peacock and other migratory birds in the campus. The college is located at the intersection of swarnlekha and Jumaar Rivers and the view is absolutely panoramic.

One is absolutely at peace here and can really focus his energy on anything he likes...

The college infrastructure is awesome. The students have to stay double seated in the first semester and from second semester onwards people are single seated. There is one PG hostel which has facility for married students also.

The hostels are in 2 blocks, inner and outer, inner being closer to the institute building and outer well close to the out gate J

Mostly inner hostels are occupied by the first semester, eighth semester and NRI students and rest stay in outer.

For the late riser’s inners is absolutely a fun place.

The outer hostel faces the sports campus, which has facilities for track and field, tennis, badminton,football,Gym etc. The college has been planning a swimming pool for some years now but nobody really knows when that would come up.(Remember the rivers)

The hostels are very spacious with internet lan and excellent mess facility. There is a proper menu for each meal and you can nearly go a-la-carte there.

Breakfast,Lunch,Snacks and Dinner are the four meals provided. Egg is available daily and chicken or mutton twice a week.

For the foodies there are around 3 eating joints in the college including the main college canteen which serves amazing Paneer Muglai. All the three are subsidized.

Outside the college gates there are a couple of good bihari dhabas , pool joints, small shops which sell the essentials (and also loan out bikes)

Inside the campus there are 2 two co-operative stores which sell practically everything under the sun.Lappy, Digicam, Soap, Sports Accessories etc.

BIT has excellent bus services connecting to the Ranchi town. The bus makes around 10 trips to the town and is absolutely dot on time.

Ranchi town is a decent town with good hotels like Yuvraaj and Capitol Hill. Ranchi Station is in the heart of the town but the airport is on the outskirts. Ranchi is connected to Delhi,Kolkata and Patna.Patna is overnight from Ranchi by bus and train.

The faculty is very qualified and Electrical has the best faculty in the college. 100% of the staff stay in the campus and they are very accessible. 75% attendance is compulsory. And we have around 40 classes in a semester for a subject.

IT and Computer Science  have a separate building with excellent computer Labs.

Lastly, the most important aspect is placement and absolutely no problems there. Everyone gets a job by the end of August and then has nearly 10 months to absolutely chill before they leave the campus only to come back full of nostalgia for the convo in the next year.

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